Ways You Can Show Support to the Police Officers

If you have not heard, a police officer killed a man and now everyone is saying and doing bad things to them. I think this is horrible and we should show respect to them. Now, this does not mean that the guy who killed the man should not go to jail no, he should because he killed someone. Just because one police officer killed a man does not mean we should get rid of them all. If you have common sense, you should know what would happen if we did not have any police officers, we would all be living in fear and anxiety. So if you want to show the police officers that you support them here are some things you can do!

  1. Bring Them Some Cookies. This is a great way to show that you care! It would probably be better if you brought store-bought cookies instead of homemade, you don’t want them to think that you poised it or anything like that.
  2. Write A Card. This one is great if you don’t want to spend money or go anywhere. All you have to do is write a simple nice card that says, thank you for everything you do! or something like that. Also, if you bring them cookies you can put the card on top. (;
  3. Write a blog/social media post on how much you are thankful for them! Another really easy one to do! It just shows that you care about them, and they are not getting all hate.
  4. Say thank you for there service when you see a Police Officer. Instead of swearing and saying mean things to them as people do, just say thanks for your service! That simple!

Those are just some easy simple ways to support them! Hope you enjoyed this post! ~ Raegan

Slime Review! ~ Play-Doh Super Cloud

So about a month ago I did a poll to see what you guys wanted me to do a post on and a slime review was second, so here is the review!

This is what the container looks like .
It is a good container and very sturdy.
If you can tell the container was only filled half way, which it was kind of a rip of but I did not mind.
Now on to the slime texture. It said it was a “cloud slime” but it did not feel like a cloud slime, BUT it felt like a butter slime and the consistency was AMAZING!
You can tell it was a butter slime because on how spreadable it was.

Over all I would give this slime a four out of five. It had great consistency but did not say what it actually was.

Hope you guys enjoy this review! Have a great day! ~ Raegan

Happy Fourth Of July!

Today is America’s day, we celebrate our freedom (the ones that we have right now🙄)!

I usually go to a 1-2 hour parade but thanks to covid it got canceled. So, now we are going to stay at home, eat, and maybe go see fireworks.

I also made this cake. It is a chocolate cake with oreos and chocolate chips in the middle. The frosting is peanut butter.

I tried lol!

Have a wonderful fourth of July! ~ Raegan

Ways To Grow Your Blog

If you have been blogging for a while (or just started) and have not gotten anywhere, here are some ways to help you grow your blog!

  1. Let people know you are out there. You can do this in several different ways. You could follow other people’s sites or comment on bigger blogs. No one is going to follow you if they don’t even know you are out there.
  2. Have a nice blog/logo. Having a nice looking blog will make people want to follow you or like your post (it also looks professional). Having a logo is also nice because then you can trade your logos with other people and that is also a good way to get your blog out there.
  3. Pay for advertisements. Now, if you want to make good money off of your blog, or you just want to be popular you can do it this way. Some are a little pricy but others are cheaper.
  4. Do a Q+A. For some reason, people really like these probably, because they are fun to read and do. Just be careful to not share any personal information about your self. Just wait till you have a nice crowd following you then do it.
  5. Tags. This is super easy and helpful! All you have to do is go to tags and wright in stuff about your post. For example, If you are doing a post about how to wash a dog you could put the title, dog, wash, your name, and your blog’s name. All this does is puts your post into a search engine so when someone searches how to wash a dog your post has a good chance to come up.

Hope you guys found this helpful! Just remember to stay safe when you are on the internet. ~ Raegan

My Bucket List

Hello everyone! Today’s post is going to be my bucket list! This is not for summer, this is for me to try to get done before I die!😊 Sorry this is not a longer post, it’s just a quick short and sweet post! Here is my bucket it list and I will explain why on some of them.

  1. Go to Hawaii. This is a big expensive one lol. I would love to go to Hawaii I have heard so many good things about it! I probably won’t go any time soon, but who knows.
  2. Go To Holland. I would love to go to Holland because I have family there and who would not want to?
  3. Get a Border Collie. I love these dogs and I would love to have one someday!
  4. To Be Done With school. I don’t think I have to explain why. lol
  5. Get a job. I want a job, but its hard to get one when your thirteen. xd
  6. Go to Ceder Point. I LOVE roller coaster and I heard they had some big ones so I would love to go there someday!
  7.  Get over my fear of snakes. I do not like snakes at all. I don’t like there long sliver body or anything about them. It would be nice to not scream whenever I see one. lol
  8. Have a Camper. I love the idea of having a camper for when you go on vacation. It would be nice because your bed is right in the camper plus, your not intruding if you ever go see family far away.

That is what I have came up with so far! Have a nice day! ~ Raegan

Is It a Good Time To Get a Puppy?

A lot of people have been getting puppies. They think its a good time because they are home all day to take care of it. BUT there is one major thing people are missing out on. Here is it is.

It is a-okay time to get a puppy. Manley because we are home all day long, so we can potty train it and train it with other things. But have people thought of the negative thing? The only negative thing I could think of is that, you can’t socialize it. Socializing your dog is extremely important. WHY? You may ask. Well, it is because if they don’t meat other people/things they can become aggressive and scared of everything. If you want a dog to be aggressive then get a puppy now. Now, some dogs are naturally nice like golden retrievers and a Labrador. Some dogs are also just aggressive and it is hard to change that. So it goes both ways.

I met this one puppy and he was terrified of me. I got on my knees and close to the ground and he was still terrified of me. I was surprised that he was scared because his breed is known to be the nice family dog, who loves everyone. He did not bite me but he was just scared. So there is just one example. If you don’t want your dog to be scared/aggressive here are some thing you may want to introduce/socialize to your puppy. It is not that hard, but it may be a little harder right now since you can not go out to very many places. If you do this with your puppy make sure to have treats to reward him if he sniffs/investigates something.

  • People who are not your family.
  • A person in a wheelchair.
  • A person with a cane.
  • Different dogs all sizes.
  • Animals like cats, rabbits, horses, and chickens. Just keep an eye on your puppy to make sure he does not bite the animal or the animal hurts him.
  • Cars (Make sure they are not on because you don’t want your puppy to get hit.)
  • Bikes
  • Scooters
  • Go to a dog park.
  • Go to a pet store.
  • The beach
  • objects like pots and pans.
  • Different floor textures.

In conclusion, I think it is a great time to get a dog, just remember you still have to socialize it.

Do you have a puppy? Have a great day! ~ Raegan

Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Rabbit

Rabbits are great pets to have! They are cute and fun to play with, but there are somethings that are very impotent for you to know before you get a rabbit. Here are some of the things.

  1. Rabbits can be messy. This is a big one that a lot of people ignore. Even if your rabbit is potty train they are still going to have a couple accidents here and there.
  2. They Need a lot of supplies. A lot of people think that all rabbits need is some pellets and water, well… that is false. They need lots of hay and vegetables. Rabbits need to have endless amount of hay because they need it to digest there food, and if they don’t get it they could have lots of different problems.
  3. They cost a lot of money to take care of. Now I would not say a ton but a nice amount. It is because you are buying Hay (lots of it), Pellets, Vegetables, Litter, and toys.
  4. Not all rabbits like to play/snuggle. A lot of people get a rabbit to play with and to snuggle with. Well not all rabbits like to do that some of them do but some of them may prefer to just play then snuggle. This does not mean no rabbits like to snuggle, I have a rabbit and she love to snuggle!

Here are some pics of Foo Foo (my rabbit) I took.

By the way if anyone is wondering if the dress is hurting her, it is not. She does not wear it all day, it is just for a picture and she does not even mind wearing it. If you are wondering were to get little outfits you can go to pet smart and they have a whole bunch.

Hope you enjoyed this post and the pics! ~ Raegan

Facts You Did Not Know

Hello! Hope your day is going well! So I looked up some of these facts, and you may or may not know these. Well… lets see. Here they are.

  1. If you are bleeding in the ocean, a shark will not come right up too you and eat you. I would probably take them a long time to finger out where you are. The whole blood and shark thing is a myth.
  2. Black is not a color.
  3. It is impossible to tickle your self.
  4. Ear wax is good for you.
  5. Not all cats pure when they are happy.
  6. The only sport played on the moon is golf.
  7. Wild Dolphins call each other by name.
  8. The Pacific ocean is larger than all of the land mass combined.
  9. Toilet seats are cleaner than your cellphone.
  10. Octopus is the most intelligent invertebrate.
  11. One lemon has more sugar than a single strawberry.
  12. A flamingo turns pink because of all of the shrimp they consume.
  13. The only natural food that does not expire is honey.
  14. Everyone who you see in a dream is real.
  15. The hole on your sucker is in case you swallow it, that way you have a better chance to live if you choke on it.

These are all of the facts! Did you already know them? ~ Raegan

Your Assumptions About Me

Here are all of the answers!

Lydia’s assumptions

You are super nice. Most of the time. Lol
You love the color pink. Yes I LOVE it! Especially light pink.
You enjoy swimming. Yep! I have been swimming almost all of my life.
You have tons of friends. I have a lot but probably not a ton.
You are a great artist. I am okay.

ninjawarrior83 Assumptions

U hate meat. That is false. I actually really like meat.
U love swimming. YEP!
U are 4 ft tall. Nope, I am 5’6

Irose5 Assumptions,

You are sweet to your siblings. Most of the time.
You love pickles. They are okay, I would not say I love them.
You love the color pink. Yep!
You love cupcakes more than cake. Probably cake.

Joy’s Assumption,

You know for certain that rabbits are awesome!!!  Yess! They are great animals! Probably my favorite.

Horsehappy14’s Assumptions,

You like rainbows (like in the sky). Yep!
You enjoy cuddling in blankets when it is cold outside. Yep! It gets really cold were I live.
You enjoy creating polls for your blog. Yes, I think they are a lot of fun!
Your favorite ice cream flavor is Chocolate with Peanut butter cups. That Is one of my favorites. I don’t know what is my all time favorite they are all to good. XD
You are typically a quiet person, but not necessarily shy. I think
When you believe strongly in something, you will tell others about it. Yep!
While blogging is fun, you do not think that it will ever become a full time career. Probably.
You love any type of animal. Yes!
You enjoy baking Yesss!!

Green Mountain Girl’s Assumptions,

You have dark brown-black hair. Yep!

You don’t like worms. I don’t hate them.

You love board games. Yes!

You prefer sandals to boots. I can’t choose! I love booth!

You are a very curious person who loves to explore! Yep!

Esther’s assumptions,

1. You love the color pink. YEP!
2. You love rainbows. Yep!
3. Your favorite animal is a rabbit. Yes! I love rabbits!
4. You love blog awards. Not really, they are a lot of work.
5. You love getting comments on your blog. Yes I do!
6. You love pizza. Yess! Especially deep dish.
7. You prefer dogs over cats. Its pretty neutral. I love both of them, but if I had a choise to get a dog or a cat, it would probably be a dog.
8. You prefer warm weather over cool weather. I actually like cold weather better.

Planet of Positivity’s assumptions,

You watch spongebob 24/7. No, I don’t really like spongebob.

You like to eat cereal with a fork. Nope

You run 5 miles everyday. Nope.

You own a ryan toys review toy. Nope!

Your bed is full of stuffed animals. Deffently not full but I do still have a lot.

You eat cheetos and peanut butter. Not together but I like both plain.

You are scared of bouncy houses. No.

Perspective Girl Assumptions,

  1. You love animals. Yep!
  2. You enjoy baking! Yes, I love baking!
  3. You are under 18. Yep, I am thirteen.

Charlotte’s assumptions,

 You love animals and making food and desserts? Yep! Those are both true!

Vrose’s Assumptions,

You love puppies. Yep! There so cute!😍

Love nature. Yep!

Love chocolate. Yes! I will eat it any day, with any thing.

You hate spinach. No, I actually like it. I like pretty much all vegetables.

You love the color yellow. Yes I do love that color!

You love scrunchies. Yes! I were them all of the time, and before they were popular.

Christina’s assumptions,

you love pastel colors. Yes! They are so pretty!

you do a lot of reading. Nope, I actually don’t really like reading. Especially forced, It just makes me hate it even more. ( Everyone is going to hate me now. lol)

you wear a scrunchie 24/7. Almost
you don’t like cleaning your room. Sometimes, but not all of the time.

you like to paint your nails. Yes, I do but they tend to fall of all of the time.

you love ice cream (but who doesn’t lol). Yes! I love Ice cream!

The nature girl‘s Assumptions

  1.  your a really interesting person. Probably I don’t really know. Lol
  2. you hate the idea about puppy mills. Yes.
  3. you have a kind heart. Sure.
  4. you have fun with your bunnies. Yes Lots of fun! I only have one but I would love to foster anther one.
  5. you love bunnies and puppies. Yep!

Olivia’s Assumptions,

  1. You are athletic? Nope.
  2. You like to bake? Yep!
  3. You like pink, purple, and blue? Yep!
  4. You like dogs more than cats? Its pretty neutral. I Love both of them but I would probably chose a dog over a cat.
  5. You’re inquisitive? Yes.
  6. You love to volunteer? Yes.

Brin’s Assumptions,

You’re more girly and less of a tomboy. Yes, but I am a little bit of a tomboy. Probably because I have two brothers and no sisters.
You get a long well with all boys and girls alike. sure
You are really into after-school activities and hobbies. Well… I am homeschooled, so for me its like make dinner (which I like to do) or ride around my block on a bike.
You like light colors to intense ones. yep

A Teenage Girl’s Assumptions,

Your favorite color is yellow. I do like the color but my favorite is light pink.

You have a dog. Yep!

You have a small group of best friend. Yep!

You are an extrovert. I Am actually a mix of both. Some people say I am a extravert, (Because I talk a lot), But then some times I am a Introvert. Like I don’t really mind the quarantine.

You love ice cream. YEP!

You hate eating mushrooms. Nope, I LOVE mushrooms!

You are nice to everyone you meet. Sure

Those are all of the assumptions! I had a ton of fun! Thanks for every who commented a assumption. ~ Raegan

Your Assumptions About Me

Hello!🤗 So I have been wanting to do one of these for a while now. Here is how it is going to work. You go to the comments and put your assumptions about me, so like you love ice cream, you love dogs, or you hate broccoli. Hopefully that will give you an idea of what to comment. Can’t wait to answer them! ~ Raegan💛

Should You Rescue or Buy a puppy?

I have noticed a lot of people buying puppies lately. There is nothing wrong with that. Except, most people go to a shop where they are from puppy mills. Puppy mills are not the greatest. What they do there is just breed and breed until the mom/dad gets old and then they dump them. Pretty much if you buy from them you are supporting them dumping dogs. They also dump puppies that have medical/physical problems. 

Rescues, on the other hand, is a good thing. Most people’s excuses are they want a puppy and not a grown dog. Well, a lot of rescues have perfectly fine puppies. Sometimes they even have full breed dogs. Another benefit of rescuing right now is that the shelters are extremely full, so that is another dog they don’t need to weary about. They are also so much cheaper than a puppy from a store (by like 500 dollars. no joke.🤦‍♀️).

This pretty much goes for all animals. Well, except fish, though there probably is a rescue for them (not of what I know of.). Now, if you can not go to a rescue for some reason, I would go to a person who breeds there dog at home and not from a puppy mill.

If you are interested in finding a dog at a rescue go to this site. There you can find what breed, how old, and in your location. Have a wonderful day! ~ Raegan💛

My Rabbit’s Rescue Story

Hello!🤗 The winner for the poll was more about my rabbit so today I am going to tell my rabbits rescue story.

My mom and I were interested in a rabbit because at that time my cat died and we did not want to get another cat because my dad is allergic. We started to research more about rabbits, then my aunt (she rescues animals) had a rabbit. The rabbit came from a situation where the owner got her as a gift and was not taking care of her. The person who gave it to him took it away and gave it to my aunt. then my mom asks her if we could have the bunny and she said yes.

Here are some pictures of her.

Here name is foofoo.

She about 5 years old. 

That is my rabbits’ rescue story! I will be doing more posts about rabbits. ~ Raegan💛


Happy Memorial Day!

Thank you to all of the families who sacrificed someone in their family. Also, thank you to all of the veterans and people who are still serving.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day with your family! ~ Raegan💛

Also, the poll I did two days ago has a three way tie so, please chose out of these. thanks!

What Kind of Post Would You Like Me To Do?-Poll

So I came up with some ideas to post and here they are. So please do the poll! If you have one in mind somewhat related to the ones on the poll go ahead and put it in the comments. I don’t know if I will be able to do yours or not but I will put it in my ideas list. Also, anything animal-related I love writing about.😉

Can’t wait to see what you guys want! ~ Raegan💛

The Best Type of Beginner Pets

I LOVE animals if you did not know that. I have a dog and a rabbit right now but I have had other animals and experience with different kinds of pets. Here is a list of pets that are good if you have never had a pet.

  1. A Fish. I know, they are not that cool but there are some cool ones out there that can live for a long time. One of my dollar fish lived for two years which is a long time for a dollar. The reason why fish are such good beginner pets is that they are very easy to take care of; you only have to feed them and sometimes clean out their fish tank. If you don’t want a fish look into sea monkeys. They don’t last forever (like fish) but they are really cool to watch.
  2. An Ant Farm. These are soo coool! You can order a farm online and then they SHIP you the ants. These are great pets because you littly don’t have to do anything for them all you do is watch them eat etc. Here is a link to an ant farm you can
  3.  A Hamster. Hamsters are such great little pets. They don’t cost a lot of monney to take care of and you can interact with them. I have never had a pet hamster but I have watch a lot of videos on them and I have friends who have them. If you would like to learn more I would defently go check out this youtube chanel called Victoria Raechel. She talks about how to take care of hamsters and other animlas too.
  4.  A Guinea Pig. These are such cute adorable animals who are very easy to take care of and make such cute noises. These are great beginner pets because they are easy to take care of and you can rescue some for free. You can buy guinea pig at your local pet store, but deffently look in to rescuing first.

Those are the main best beginner pets. They just show you a little responsiblilty and what it is like to have a pet. Hope you enjoyed this post! ~ Raegan💛

The Pros and Cons Of Homeschool

If you did not know I am homeschooled. Well, right now everyone is. XD I do love being homeschooled, don’t get me wrong but there are some negatives. It might be different for some people on how you home school, but I feel like a lot of people can relate to somehow. So here are some of the pros and cons of being homeschooled.🙂


  1. You get to sleep in.😴
  2. You’re not in a rush to get ready for school.
  3. You don’t have to ask to go to the bathroom.
  4. You can choose which subject you want to do first.
  5. You can do school while holding/petting your animal.🐶
  6. You can work ahead for the next day.
  7. No dress code.
  8. Your schedule is pretty flexible.
  9. Not as violent as a public school.😳
  10. You can learn at your own pace.



  1. You don’t get snow days off. (If you even get snow)❄
  2. It can be kind of difficult to stay focus sometimes.
  3. Some curriculums cost more than going to a public school.
  4. You can’t be in any public sports. (that is how it is for where I live.)
  5. People Juge you just because you are homeschooled, and not who you really are.
  6. Lack of motivation.
  7. You can’t be with/see your friends every day. Since you don’t go to a school with them.
  8. You could fall behind easier being homeschooled.
  9. You have more chores since you are at home longer. (I don’t know if this is a con or not.)
  10.  Trying to learn a hard subject when you and your parents don’t get it.

Those are all of the once I could think of. This is not how all homeschoolers are but a majority. ~ Raegan💛

My Favorite Disney Songs

Hello! I have been wanting to make this post for a long time and now here it is! Disney is okay. They have a couple good movies but not a ton. It seems like all the new movies they make don’t get as many views as they use to. They do have a lot of good songs! So here are some of my favorite songs.

This song is so good! It is probably my second or fist favorite.

I could sing this song all day!! I also know it by heart.

I actually have never seen the whole movie, but I really like this song.

This is my favorite Disney princess movie, so I had to put this song in it. Also, I really want Disney to make a live-action movie of tangled. It would be so cute!!

I heard there going to make a second movie, but I don’t know if it’s true.

I am in this play but have not performed it yet thanks to coronavirus. I wanted to be Mrs. Pots but, there were a lot of reasons I did not really want to do her. (like I really did not want a solo and other reasons.)

This movie is so cute!! I love this song! This is my second favorite live action movie Disney has made.

Those are all of my favorite Disney songs! What is your favorite Disney song? ~Raegan💛

Ham and Cheese Rollups

I have made these a couple times and they are so good and so easy to make!


  • Tortillas
  • Cheese (I use Coby jack)
  • Any kind of meat. (I like ham)
  • Cream cheese
  • cilantro-lime crema. You don’t have to add this but I like it.
  • lettuce

If you don’t like cheese or meat you don’t have to add that but that is kind of what makes it taste good.

First, put your tortilla on a plate. then layer all of your ingredients. I would start with the cream cheese cilantro lime, then add all of your other ingredients. After that roll it, and put it in the fridge for a couple minutes then take it out and cut it. Enjoy!

Here are a couple pictures of it.

This is what it should kind of look like when you have all of the ingredients on it.

This is the Cilantro Lime And… It’s SO GOOD!!

I used goat cheese on it instead of Colby jack cheese.

It’s not perfect, but it tastes really good.

That is the recipe for today! It is a great snack and really easy to make. ~ Raegan