My Favorite Christmas Songs

Hello! Hope your Christmas Season is going great! This is my first Christmas post of 2020 and I will be sharing my favorite Christmas songs and some Christmas pics I took. I know probably every one is doing this but I have to share my favorite Christmas songs. I have been listing to Christmas songs since November 10th.🙄😅 A lot of people get mad about listening to it early but its your decision if you want to listen to it or not.

Now here are my top favorite Christmas songs In no particular order.🙂

  • Sleigh Bells Ring
  • Have Your Self A Merry Little Christmas
  • The First Noel
  • Its the Most Wonderful Time Of the Year
  • Sleigh Ride
  • Last Christmas
I made this one. (:
  • Away In A Manger
  • Silent night
  • Dominic the donkey
I am named after him.
  • Do You Hear What I Hear?
  • Let it snow let it snow

Those are my top favorite Christmas songs! What is your favorite Christmas song?

How I Make My Buttercream

Hello! Today I am going to be sharing how I make my buttercream! I use this on cakes and cupcakes. It is sweet, but if you add a nice amount of vanilla, it will not be that bad. It’s also easy to make.


  • 2 Cups Powder Sugar
  • 1 Stick or half a cup butter (soft) I like to use salted but unsalted works fine too.
  • 1 table spoon of vanilla
  • 1 Table spoon heavy cream

Step One. Take your butter and put it in your mixer, or use a handheld mixer and beat it for about 2 minutes. The longer you mix it, the more air will be put into it, which makes it fluffy.

Step Two. Now add your vanilla and heavy cream. If you want your buttercream to be very white, then don’t add that much vanilla only add about two teaspoons or less. 

Step Three. Mix your ingredients for about one more minute. Now taste test!

If your buttercream is too stiff, add a little more heavy cream. If it is too liquidy, then add more powder sugar, but remember it will be very sweet the more you add.

Here is a picture of it on a cake!

I did two batches of the butter cream in order to frost the whole cake.
It was suppose to be a thanksgiving themed cake.

That is the recipe for today! I might share my chocolate buttercream recipe. Do you like buttercream?

I will probably be changing this a lot. LOL

Fall Photos

Hi everyone! Here are some photos that I took! I took pics of trees, leaves, and these red berry things lol. I took with an S10 if you were wondering. 😉

You can see the sun and the moon in this pic. The moon is over the sun if you cant find it.

This pic is my favorite.

Those are all of the pics! I will probably be doing snow pics soon (when it snows obviously). I hope you enjoyed looking at them! Which one is your favorite? Have a great day! ~ Raegan

How To Make Rolled Ice Cream

Have you ever really wanted ice cream, but you could not find ice cream anywhere? With this recipe that worry is over. This is supper easy to make, and the ingredients most everyone has. The only thing about this recipe is that you will need a flat metal spatula and a metal cookie sheet. You could also order this cheap kit from amazon. That kit I actually got from Christmas and it works very well. Here is the LINK.


  • 6 tablespoons milk
  • 3-4 (Depending how creamy you want it.) tablespoons heavy cream
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla

The recipe on top is classic vanilla, but with this type of ice cream you can get really creative. I like to make chocolate peanut butter by adding chocolate syrup and when I am rolling the ice cream up I add peanut butter. So pretty much you can do any flavor you want.

Step One. mix all of your ingredients together. Make sure the sugar is dissolved into the mixture.

Step Two. Pour your mixture on your frozen cookie tray. Mix it around until it is a big clump, and this would be the time to add Oreos, fruit or pretty much anything you want.

It will some what look like this but completely covering the pan. I made a small that is why it looks like that.

Step Three. Spread your mixture evenly on your pan. Wait until it looks frozen. Once it does, take your spatula and start rolling the mixture. If it does not freeze up then stick it in the freezer for a couple minutes. I found that if you roll it slower and carefully it will look more like a roll and not a big blob of ice cream (its still taste good if does though.)

I made mine chocolate with about one table spoon of cocoa powder, because I did not have any chocolate syrup.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe! Have you ever made rolled ice cream? Have a great day! ~ Raegan💜

How To Keep Your Rabbit Busy + DIY Rabbit Toys

If your rabbit has been bored or you want to give them something new to do, try some of these ideas and toys!

  1. New TOYS!! We all love getting new things! So does your rabbit! Your rabbit would probably love to have a new toy! You can make your own toys using a paper towel roll (the cardboard part). You could also try switching out your rabbits toys. So every two weeks, take out the old ones and put in some new ones.
  2. Give them something to destroy. Rabbits love chewing on things, so try giving them a cardboard box to chew on. They will love chewing it! You could also cut two holes inside a cardboard box and then stuff hay inside of it, my rabbit loves that.
  3. Let them explore new areas. My rabbit loves exploring new places. Mine loves to go around and check stuff out. If you do this make sure the place is safe for your rabbit. You do not want your rabbit to get hurt.
  4. Make a Cardboard House for them. This is really fun for you and your rabbit. At least I find it fun to make a cardboard house for my rabbit. It is super easy to make and your rabbit will love hiding in it and chewing it up.

Now here are some easy toys to make.

  • Paper towel roll toy. For this toy you do not have to use toilet roll you can use paper towel too. I prefer to use a paper towel because you can make about four of the toys instead of one. To make this toy, take some scissors and make a whole bunch of little lines on the side of it. This is one of my rabbits favorite toys!
  • Paper bag with timothy hay and treats. I just made this for my rabbit and she loves it! All you need is a paper bag, hay, and treats. First put some hay inside of the bag, then add your rabbits favorite treats. You can cut the bag down to a size that you think your rabbit will like. Now you can close the bag or leave it open. I left mine open that way my rabbit gets the idea that there was treats and hay inside.
  • Paper ropes/knots.
First cut off a piece from the paper bag. It should look like this.👆
Fold your piece in half.
Now just twist the piece but not to hard or it will break. You can leave it like this or tie it into a not.
My rabbit chewing on it.
Getting very into it. lol That is why it is blurry. Sometimes blur is okay.

Hope you found some ideas to keep your rabbit busy. Have a great day! ~ Raegan💜

Costumes To Do With Your Animals

Hello! Since it is getting close to halloween, I am going to share some costumes to do with you animals. Including the costume I am going to wear.😊

  1. Dorothy and Toto. I did this costume for one year with my rabbit (she is black but not a dog😂) and it was so cute! I made the costume with my grandma and then got a basket and put her in it for pictures. This costume works best with a dog but it could work with a rabbit.
  2. A Vet. This is actually what I am going to wear this year. I did it a long time ago but I do not want to find/make another costume, so I am redoing my old ones. lol This costume works great with any animal! Rats, dogs, cats, and hamsters you name it, it works!
  3. Linguini and Remy. This is from the movie ratatouille. This is more for guys, but you kind of have to have a rat to do it. It might work if you have a dog that looks like a rat. lol
  4. Scooby and the Gang. I hope you have seen Scooby-Doo if not watch Scooby-Doo be cool (it is much better than the old ones). This costume would work great with a family and a big dog. If you look up a picture of them it is pretty easy to recreate the costume. You could probably buy the costume if you wanted to.
  5. Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. This one is pretty easy just grab a red blanket of some sort and put it on your head. Your dog could be the big bad wolf.
  6. A Pirate and its Parrot. This costume would look great if you have a pet bird. Just make sure your bird is on a harness. You should never have your bird outside without a harness, even if its wing is clipped.
  7. Daniel And A Lion. This costume is from a bible story know as Daniel and the lion’s den. Here is a LINK if you want to know more about this story. This costume would work great if you had a golden retriever or a tan lab. It would probably be easy to do.
  8. Cowgirl/boy and its “horse.” This I did with my dog last year (he was the “horse”), and it was so cute! You could do it with your dog or a real horse. Either way, it would be cute! For my costume, I had a cowboy hat and a flannel shirt with jeans.
  9. Garfield and John. This one would be so cute to do with your cat! It would also be pretty easy to put together the costume.

Those are all of the costumes! What are you going to be for halloween? Comment down below if you want to see my rabbit in its costumes. Have a great day!

Facts About Dogs

I am sure we think, “Well I know enough stuff about dogs.” You probably already do know a lot, but here are some weird, fun, and interesting facts about them!

  • The most popular dog in America is the Labrador retriever.
  • Three dogs survived the sinking of the titanic.
  • The reason why dogs noes are wet, is because it helps them smell chemicals and improves their ability to smell.
  • Blood Hounds sense of smell can be evidence in court.
  • Dogs have three eye lids.
  • 70% of people have their dogs names on their Christmas cards.
  • 67% of people in U.S. households have dogs.
  • The Australian Shepherd is not from Australia, they are from America.
  • Sometimes when a dog is done going to the bathroom it will kick backwards, that is because it is marking its territory with sent glands in its feet.
  • Just like humans, dogs can “catch” yawns when we yawn. Here is a video if you don’t believe me.
  • Basenjis don’t bark, but they do make a noise described between a chortle and a yodel.
  • Dogs can see color just not as well as humans.
  • Teddy Roosevelt’s dog, ripped a French Ambassador’s pants at the White House.
  • In WWII, people sent dogs on suicided missions with explosives attached to their backs and would go and blow up the rivals weapons.
  • One hour is 7 hours for dogs. That is why they are happy to see you when you get home.
  • There are 703 breeds of purebred dogs.

Those are all the facts! Have a great day! ~ Raegan💜

Pancake In A Mug

Since everyone really liked the chocolate mug cake, I figured I would share another recipe. This is great for a snack, breakfast, or pretty much any time. lol It is also supper easy to make, and very similar to the chocolate mug cake but its not chocolate. XD

Pancake In A Mug


  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 2 tablespoons milk
  • 3 tablespoons flour
  • 1/4 tablespoon baking soda
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • Chocolate chips (optional)

Melt your butter in your mug. Then add your milk and mix it up. Add the rest of your ingredients in your mug and mix it up. Microwave your mug for one minute. Take it out and add some of your favorite pancake toppings, like whipped cream, syrup or butter.

Here are some pictures. I did half chocolate chip that way you could see what it would look like. Both were great though!😊

Its in a big mug, which is why it looks like it is not a lot.
You can see the butter melting!😋🥞🧈

That’s the recipe! I hope you enjoyed this post! What’s your favorite pancake toping? Have a nice day! ~ Raegan💜

Why You Should Get Chickens

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Chickens are a very popular barnyard pet. I personally love them! A lot of people think they are stupid and no fun, but they are the complete opposite. I think they are great outside pets. Here are some reasons why you should get pet chickens.

  • They give you eggs. This is a great reason to get chickens. You know where the eggs are coming from and not from an egg factory where they can barely move. Depending how you feed your chickens, the eggs will probably be much more nutritious than the ones from the store. Most chickens lay about one egg a day, they do not lay a whole bunch in one day like the cartoons show.
Brown Hen Near White Egg on Nest
All of the photos are from pexels.
  • They are very entertaining. If you are ever bored you can just grab some of their favorite foods and give it to them. They will make loud clucking noises because they are happy. It is very entertaining to watch.
Chicks and Roosters
  • You can feed them your food scraps. They love food! They can eat everything except potato skins, banana peel, and candy. And yes, they can eat chicken. This is great because you are not wasting any food plus they get a yummy treat!
Person Feeding White Chicken Outdoor
  • They are Fairly easy to take care of. Chickens are not like dogs where you have to walk them and train them. Pretty much you have to make sure they have food and water, and collect the eggs. Depending on how many chickens you have your going to also have to clean the coop at least every couple months.
Herd of Hen
  • They can be cheap. Depending what kind of coop you get they can be cheap. The chickens themselves are about 2 to five dollars. When I hatch chickens I got the eggs for free so the chickens themselves can be free, but you still have to feed them. The feed is about ten to twenty dollars for a big bag. You also have to have a water container and a feed dispenser. Those are about ten to forty. Also, you are going to get eggs eventually. So that will take away a bit of the money.
White Chick on Grass

Overall, they are great pets to get. Not everyone can have chickens, in fact, I do not have any at my house, but my grandparents have them and I go over there a lot. The reason why we do not have any is because we have a raccoon right next to my house, so they would be dinner to the racoons overnight.

Hope you liked this post! Do you have chickens? Have a great day! ~ Raegan

Flowers and fall Photos

I went to a park for my moms birthday and we all took a ton of photos. Here is some of my favorite pics that I took.

The rest of the photos I did not take. They are from pexels which are a hole buch of free photos.

Two Brown Liquid on Glass With Ice
Two White and Blue Mugs Beside Drinking Glass
Selective Focus Photography of Two Dogs in the Middle of Road
Close-up Photo of Black Schipperke Dog Resting on Dry Foliage

Those are all of the photos! Have a nice day! ~ Raegan

My Favorite Breeds Of Parrots

I have been into birds a lot lately, and I have been looking at a lot of different types of breeds. I probably won’t get a pet bird right now but maybe in the future. So here are some of my favorite breeds.

  • African Grey.
Photo of Grey Parrot Perched On Branch

The African Grey is known for their talking ability, but that is not why I like them. It is because of how pretty they are and their personality. If I were ever to get a pet bird, I would never get it just because it could talk. If it did, it would be cool, but I would not get it just because of that.

  • Budgie
Bright parakeet resting on tree twig in daylight

Budgie (also known as the parakeet) is a tiny little bird that comes in many colors. They are a very popular pet and are easy to get. Because they are cheap and easy to buy they are very under-appreciated pets. Sadly, a lot of people get them and think that all they need is a tinny little cage and no attention. They are like a lot of popular birds too and need bigger cages and lots of attention.

  • Cockatiel
60+ Free Cockatiel & Bird Photos - Pixabay

Cockatiels are smaller sized birds but with big personality’s. They come in a ton of different, beautiful colors. If you socialize them right, they make great family pets. My family used to babysit a cockatiel, and he was so cute and a ton of fun.

  • Blue-Throated Macaw
File:Blue-throated Macaw Ara glaucogularis Head 2200px.jpg - Wikimedia  Commons

These birds are big, beautiful birds! They have a lot more energy than a normal macaw and are known for being escape artists. I would probably not get one of these just because of the size of the beak, because if I were to get bitten, that would hurt. Overall, I like these birds.

  • Rose-ringed parakeet
Rose-ringed Parakeet

These birds are smaller but not as small as a budgie. They are known for there talking ability. Their voices are supper high pitched, which is why a lot of people like these birds. All though they are super cute, they can have a bad behavior if not trained right. I love these birds because they are so pretty, and their personality is so big.

I hope you enjoyed this post on birds! If you want me to do more on birds, please tell me in the comments. I would love to do more posts about birds! What is your favorite breed of birds? Have a great day! ~ Raegan

Dunkin’ vs Starbucks

We all know (hopefully) what Dunkin and Starbucks are. In case not, they both sell coffee, and that is what I am going to compare today.

I have had both Dunkin’ and Starbucks (in case you were wondering), and in the end, I will share my personal favorite.

The Quality of the Coffee

When I think of good quality coffee, Starbucks is one of the brands that pop in my head. That does not mean that Dunkin’ is Honorable Starbucks just has a little better quality. I asked my dad why he prefers Starbucks instead of Dunkin’, and he told me that Dunkin’ had a wired after taste to it. For me, I have never tasted that before, all the coffee I have gotten from there was good.

The Prices of the Coffee

I looked up what is the cheapest drink at Starbucks and Dunkin’; Starbucks cost 2.94 for a tall, dark roast, and Dunkin’ was 1.59 for a small coffee. Obviously, Dunkin’ won for the cheapest. If you like good quality and overpriced coffee, then Starbucks might be for you. One time I got a medium Iced coffee from Dunkin’, and my brother got a grande frappe from Starbucks, and my MEDIUM was the same size as his grande. That is sad. LOL

The Charities do they support?

For a lot of people, what Charities/companies they support does not matter to them. But for a lot of other people, it does. Dunkin’ supports charities such as the American Red Cross and Special Olympics. Starbucks supports Abortion, Planned Parent Hood. Abortion is not right and should be ended, which is what Trump is trying to do. I am not going to blabber on and on, but no one should be supporting them. There is another once too, but this is the one that should everyone off.

In conclusion, I think (I like) Dunkin’ is better, but that does not mean you should never go to Starbucks. If you have a gift card, your friend got you a coffee, or that is the only place nearby, then that’s fine. Just do not donate to them, or try not to make it the main place you get your everyday coffee from.

I hope you found my post informational! If you were wondering, my order at Dunkin’ is an iced coffee with caramel and cream and no sugar. Also, I don’t get coffee every single day for me, it is a “treat.” Which one do you prefer? Have a great day! ~ Raegan

Easy Chocolate Mug Cake

Today I am going to share an easy chocolate mug cake recipe! Anyone can make it, and it only take about two minutes. I have made it a couple times. They are great if you want a little snack!

Chocolate Mug Cake


  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 2 tablespoons milk (almond milk works fine too)
  • 2 tablespoons flour
  • 1 tablespoon coco powder
  • 1/4 tablespoon baking soda
  • 1 tablespoon chocolate chips (optional)

Melt your butter in the microwave. Then mix in the rest of the ingredients and make sure you get the stuff on the bottom of the mug. Now microwave for 1 minute. Remove it out of the microwave, and then you can add a topping like frosting, whipped cream, and Nutella.

Enjoy this recipe! Sorry I have no photos. It looks like chocolate cake. lol Have a great day! ~ Raegan

It’s My Birthday!

Hey everyone! Guss what!?

Its my Birthday!

I turned fourteen today, if you where wondering.

Here are some pics of the decorations.

It says, “lets eat ice cream!
Here is my dog rebel… He looks like he is smiling. LOL
And Foo Foo!!

Here is a picture of the cake I made. It is a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting.

It looks better in real person. LOL

Have a fantastic day! ~ Raegan

Interview With Faye From Countless Creatures!

Today I am going to do an interview with Faye! Please go check out her blog! she does a lot of posts about animals, horses, and crafts. There is 10 questions.

  1.  Raegan: Why did you want to blog?                                                                                         Faye: To post mostly about animals.
  2. Raegan: What has been your favorite thing about blogging?                                              Faye: Being able to share things different things about animals.
  3. Raegan: What is your favorite thing to do with your free time.                                              Faye: Play video games, blog, play with friends, and read and write.      
  4. Raegan: What is your favorite song?                                                                                        Faye: I have a lot of favorite songs. Too many to wright down. 
  5. Raegan: What country would you like to visit?                                                                      Faye: England, Holland, wales, and Williamsburg Virginia. 
  6. Raegan: Have you ever eaten any exotic foods?                                                                     Faye: No, I do not think so. 
  7. Raegan: What is your favorite animal? And why?                                                                 Faye: Horses, I once heard a quote: asking me why I like horses so much is like asking me why I breathe so much. 
  8. Raegan: How long do you think you will be blogging?                                                         Faye: Hopefully for the rest of my life, because I want to post about my horses when I have a barn. 
  9. Raegan: If you could have any pet what would you choose.                                                      Faye: A Horse.
  10. Raegan: What is your favorite desserts?                                                                                        Faye: Ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, and cookies.

That’s all for today! Please go check out Faye’s blog! ~ Raegan💛

What To Do If A Dog Is About To Attack You

Just a couple of days ago, my dog and I were going on a walk. Then this German Shepard starts heading towards us, and I could tell it was not a friendly hello. The dog was showing its teeth at my dog and about to bite him. I yelled (I said hey really loud.), and, thankfully, the dog ran back to its house.

Afterwards, I was thinking, what if it were just me or someone else who has no experience with dogs. I think it is crucial to know what to do when a dog is about to attack you.

Just a reminder I am not an expert at these things, but I have gotten bit and chased by dogs several times. You could do more of your own research if you want to know extra or you do not believe me. lol

  1. The First Thing you are going to want to do is stay calm. The dog wants you to be nervous so try to stay calm.
  2. Do NOT RUN AWAY! You will be running away from this dog until the owner comes out, so do not do that. Also, That is what the dog wants to do is chase you away, if the dog is smaller you could try walking into it, and most likely they will walk back.
  3. Make Your Self Look Big. The bigger you are the more scarred the dog will be and try to stay away from that.
  4. Protect the important body parts. So for instance, you do not want a dog biting your face it could bite your eye which could make you blind. If the dog is about to bite you try to let them. In order to protect your face turn the other direction of the dog that way, the dog can not jump up and bit your face. If you are carrying something with you, you could use that as protection too.
  5. Get Help. If there are people around or the owner asks for help and hopefully, they posterior do something.

I wanted to add one more thing. If you have gotten attack by a dog, try not to be scared of every single dog you meet. I have gotten chased by lots of different dog breeds, and it does not mean that all German Shepards or all Pomeranians are bad. Just remember to ask the owner before petting/going by the dog.

I hope you found these tips helpful! If you want me to do a post on how to not let your dog be aggressive or what to do if your dog is in a fight with another dog, please tell me in the comments. Have a wonderful day! ~ Raegan💜