How To Make A Junk Book

This is super easy to make, and it is super fun! Here is what you will need!

  • A Note book (Does not mater how it looks.)
  • Paint (any color)

Now, take your book and paint it any color. You may have to do a couple coats of paint to cover your note book.

Once you are done with that and it is dry you can put ANYTHING on the book. Here are a couple ideas to put on your book.

  • Stickers
  • Pictures
  • Keys
  • Pom poms
  • String
  • Washy tape
  • Old Ear Buds (to express your love for music.)

Once your book is completely decorated and dry you can wright inside of it. Here are some ideas.

  • Things You Love (Just put a list of a hole bunch of thing you love).
  • What Your Brain Looks Like (Draw a picture of a brain and then put what you think what your brain would look like.)
  • A List of your Favorite vs Least Favorite.

Here are some pics of my Junk Book.

This is the front of the book.


The back of the book.
This is the first page of the book, and on that page is the things I love.

That is it! ~ Raegan💜

Fun Facts About Cats!

I love cats! I think they are adorable, and I love there personality! Here are some fun facts about cats!😺

  • They sleep thirteen to fourteen hours a day.
  • A group of cats is called a clowder.
  • A male cat is called a tom and a female is called a molly or a queen.
  • A baby cat is called a kitten and a group of kitten are called a kindle.
  • They are extremely smart.
  • They can lower your stress level.
  • Cats have a excellent scene of smell and hearing.
  • Most of there day they spend grooming there selves.
  • When cats purr it does not always mean they are happy.
  • Cats hate music.
  • Abraham Lincoln loved cats.
  • Cats went to space in 1963.🐱‍🚀
  • Ancient Egypt loved cats.
  • Cats can not taste sweets.
  • Cats have more bones then people.
  • There are more pet cats in U. S. A. then dogs.

Hope you enjoyed all of these facts!😺cat ~ Raegan💜

New Movies Coming out this year!

I am really excited about a lot of the new movies that are coming out! Here is some of them!

  • Dolittle- This movie actually comes out tomorrow and I want to see it but I do not think we will go and see the movie.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog. This movie does not look so great, I do not how they animated sonic (its going to be real life) so I would not want to go and watch it.
  • Onward. I REALLLYY want to see this movie it looks so good!
  • Disney’s Mulan. This movie is going to be a live action movie so I guess it will be kind of cool but I never really liked the movie.
  • Peter Rabbit 2. I LOVVEED the first one because I love rabbits and I have a rabbit so I can kind of relate
  • Trolls World Tour. I actually do not like the first trolls at all. It got boring and the songs were not even that good.
  • Minions. rise of grue. I really like minions the first one and so I am supper excited to see this and I hope we will go and see it in the theaters. (comes out July 3 2020)
  • Croods 2. The first Croods was pretty good so I can not wait to see what they will do to this one!
  • SCOOB! My family loves Scooby Doo and so I can not wait to see it! it looks supper cute! The only thing I am a disappointed on is that they are not using the same voice actors.):

Are you excited about any of these movies? Hope you enjoyed my post! ~ Raegan💜

Girls vs Boys in Different Situations

We all react differently in situation. here are some funny different situations how girl vs boys react. Not all girls and boys react the same as but it is pretty close it think. (I am some what comparing it to me, but not completely.)

  1. Water   Boys: “oh look water let jump in it and get dirty”.                                                         Girls: “Oh NO water I do not want to get my hair wet!
  2. Movies  Boys: “Lets watch Gladiator!”                                                                                                 Girls: “Lets watch real life Aladdin!”
  3. Baggage  Boys: “All packed!” (One backpack by the door.)                                                                      Girls: “All packed!” (A giant suit case by the door.)
  4. On the phone   Boys: Talks to there friend for maybe ten minutes.                                                               Girls: Talks to there friend for a hour.
  5. Shoping        Boys: Spends 10 dollars.                                                                                                                Girls: Spends 100 dollars.🤑

Do you react anything like this? Or are you the complete opposite? ~ Raegan💜

Movie Review~ Spider-man Homecoming

I just watch this movie with my family and just tell you guys this the first marvel movie I have seen all the way through(unless you want to count Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) so I do not have very much experience with marvel movies. So in the movie Peter Parker (played by Tom Holland) gets to be an Avenger and Tony Stark gives him a new, better suit. In the movie he is in high-school and tries to impress a girl, and that girl who he is trying to impress is the bad guy’s daughter. That is just part of the movie.

What I think about it.

A lot of my friends say, “It is the best spider-man movie”. And I have to agree it is the best spider-man movie I have seen all the way through. Now like I said, I have only seen bits and parts of other Avenger/spider-man. Tom Holland the actor for spider man did a very good job especially since he has a British accent, and he is doing a American accent in the movie.  There are a couple inappropriate parts and swearing, (that’s probably why it is rated PG-13) Other wise it is a great movie! I would rate this movie a four stars. if it did not have any inappropriate parts it would get a five star. (I do want to do spider-man far from home so as soon as I watch it I will do a post on it!)

Have you seen this move? Do you think it is the best spider-man? ~ Raegan

Titanic Two?!

Yes, around 2022 Titanic two will sail and take the same rout it did before. Every one knows what happen to the Titanic was sailing to Britain and a ice burg hit it and killed 1,500 and only 705 survived! And you can still find it in the ocean today. Now back to Titanic Two there will be that beautiful staircase and every thing that the titanic had inside, and this time it will have enough life boats, and higher technology stuff. (I Do not know the word for it is. 😂lol)

What I Think of It

I  think it was not a very good idea to make it, It is just a recipe for disaster. Don’t get me wrong it is super cool that they are doing that, but I would be super scared to go on it. I have always loved researching about the Titanic that is kind of how I found out that they were making the titanic two. Then I kept researching more, and more. And of course watched videos about it, and on one of the videos was a view of the ship in a like a animated, 3D view.

here is the video.

Would you sail on the titanic two? ~ Raegan


Q and A

Here are all the questions and answers!

Abi lyn ask,

What is your favorite kind of chocolate? I like dark chocolate!🍫
Cold or warm weather? Cold🥶
Coffee or hot chocolate? Both!!
Ski vacation or beach? Ski vacation!

Beckwith407 ask,

Planet of residence? Earth🌎
Favorite breed of dog? A Border Collie!
Favorite automobile? GT Mustang convertible or a Lamborghini!
Favorite food? Probably pizza!🍕

R.3 ask,

what is your Fav emojis! these one!😂😁😊

Jasmin ask,

What is your favorite season?  Spring or winter!

Fast food restaurant or sit down? Sit down
Baths or showers? Shower
Any weird food combinations You like? I used to like peanut butter on a orange.

Diamond Ask,

Where is your favorite place to travel? I really like a Cruise
What was the last book you read? Amy Carmichael
Put your playlist on shuffle-what song is playing now?  I don’t have a play list, but I have been listing to tale old as time because i am trying out for Mrs. Potts
Favorite subject in school? Right now it is Bible.
what is the favorite post you’ve ever made?
Fayemd123 Ask,
 What’s your favorite movie? Greatest Showman
* What’s your favorite holiday? Christmas
* Do you have any hobbies? Tennis, Roller skating
* Do you believe in fairies? Yes!
* What’s your favorite book? Either Diary of the Wimpy Kid or Boxcar Children 1.
* Do you like Chronicles in Narnia? I have seen a movie, and listen to the first book.
Esther ask,
1. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? I don’t know. 😂lol
2. What’s your favorite color? Pink
3. What’s one weird, random fact that you know? I like black coffee sometimes.
4. If you could turn into an animal, which one would it be? Either a Turtle or a horse.😊
5. If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be, and who wrote it? Re write the stars by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul
6. Would you rather eat vanilla ice-cream with re-fried beans or chocolate cake with ketchup on it? vanilla ice cream with re-fried beans.
7. What’s the worst movie you’ve ever watched?
8. Would you rather walk 250 miles with bare feet on a gravel road, or eat six LIVE worms? Worms! lol
9. How many children do you want to have when you’re grown up? I do not know.
10. If you have a boy and a girl, what would you name them (include middle names)? The boys name would be Andrew kint and the girl name would be Holland marie
11. What’s your favorite word in the English language? I don’t know.
12. If you had to be a flavor, what would you be?vanilla
13. On a scale from one to ten, how neat is your room most of the time? (Ten is super super messy and one is very neat.) 6
14. If you could be a scent, what would you be? Buble gum
15. If you had to lose one of your five senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste, which one would you lose? touch
Thank you every one for the qustions! It was super fun! ~ Raegan

Pit Bulls

If you have not seen my other post about dogs here, here , here!

Pit bulls are bigger dogs with smooth hair, and has a adorable face. There height is 14 to 24 inches high. They weight about 22 pounds to 78, and they live about 12 years. When ever some one sees a pit bull they think that they will attack them or some thing, but they are really the sweetest dogs ever! The only reason why one of those dog would attack you, because they have been mistreated and they do not know what it is like to be loved. I have never had a bad experience with a pit bull all the ones I have met were super nice and wanted to love you not hurt you!💜 Over all these are great family dogs and if you are looking for a dog that is loving, active, and authoritative you should get a pit bull! Hoped you enjoyed this post! ~Raegan

Here is where I got the information.

How to make slime

I LOVE slime i love makeing it, i love playing with it, and the texture! here is who to make slime and it is super simple!


  1. White or clear glue
  2. Borax mixed with warm water
  3. Shaving cream or foam soap (you don’t have to add it)
  4. Lotion or soft clay (you don’t have to add this but it makes your slime soft and stretchy)

Now pore in your glue then add coloring if you want it. Then ad shaving foam/ foam soap. Now mix it all together! Once it all mixed together add little by little of the Borax activator. Now once you have your slime made lotion and soft clay to make it stretchy! there you go!

A light baby blue slime!
A clear slime with pearls in it!

Have you ever made slime? ~ Raegan


My Experience with Chickens and Ducks

About three years ago I hatch chickens and ducks! they were super cute i could play with them all day long. I would dress them up, and teach them how to fly lol 😂! I hatch nine but a couple died when they were younger and one of them had a very weird problem were his guts were out side ): (it was gross). BUT the rest of them were very healthy and alive! one time my mom was sitting at the table and the all the sudden one of my chicks flew up right next to her it was hilarious! They were super fun to play with I had big barbie house and i would put them in the house it was supper cute and funny! Now the ducks were suppeerr cute!!, but very messy I had to clean there cages every day and the chicks ever other day. it was a lot of work but totally worth it! One time my mom was in the shower and when the ducks run out of water they start to make a lot of noises. Usually my mom would get up and give them water because I was sound and there is bad a sleep and did not here them, but this time I did so I got up and walk over in the kitchen Baby (one of the ducks) IN THE KITCHEN!! And then Bubbles (the other duck) was in the living room! so I scoop them up and put them back in there cage. here are all the pics I could find!

Bubbles when she was older.



We would put them out side that way they could swim.
The chickens cage the ducks are on the right.


I put them in the Barbie house LOL!😂                                                                              


Sooo sorry  that the pictures are very bad I could only find one on my photos so I had to take some photos out of a photo book lol! Hope you enjoyed my post! ~Raegan


The Get to Know Me Tag!

Sorry I have not posted in a while. It has been busy at my home that is why but, I am back! So here is the tag!!😁

question1: Where were you born?

I was born in america.

question2: What is your biggest fear?

I am afraid of some roosters. One time my Grandpa had about five roosters and they were not nice at all. They attack my cousin and one of them attack me and I had a nice bruise on my leg.

question3: What is your favorite social media?

I don’t have social media but, if I were to pic one it would be Snap chat.

question4: What is my favorite TV show?

Tangled series and Be Cool Scooby Doo! (I know they are kid shows!😆😂)

Question5: Do you have a catch phrase you say often?

I don’t really have one but some times I “say come on”.

Thats it here are the people I taged!



A Christmas Post~ DIY Snow Flakes

These are supper easy to make all you need is…

  • Paper
  • scissors
  • and some thing a circle shape.
  • pen or pencil

Now take your paper and trace it into a circle and cut it out. Then once you cut it out do this.

Then keep doing that until it kind of looks like this.

Now cut anything you want on it and then fold it out!

I love doing different things with these one thing I like to do is decorate them on my bunny’s cage and you can even put them inside of the cage too!

Also check out this post she is make a movie!              


Here is the trailer!

Have a great Christmas! ~ Raegan💜



Snow Pics!❄

It finally snowed but only three inches. Do not worry there will be plenty of more snow pics in the future, because it snows a lot! Sorry that there are not a lot of pics the pictures did not turn out as I hoped but, the did kind of turn out cool.(Idk lol!)

Hope you enjoyed these photos ~Raegan


Movie Review~Frozen 2

Sorry I have not done one of these on in a while, but now it is back! We have all seen frozen if you have not then you have been shut up from this world(If you have not seen it then you are lucky lol). I am only going to spoil a little bit. It starts of with Elsa hearing a voice and she follow it and it leads her to an enchanted forest. In the forest Elsa find her mom and dads ship and they found out that they did actually die):. I am not going to spoil the rest, so here is my thoughts. I loved this movie it was way better than the first Frozen! It was hilarious and Olaf was more funny in this one than in frozen. I am going to rate it 5 stars because it is really good and the songs were AMAZING!! Hope you enjoyed this post! ~Raegan

Cool Facts About Ice Cream!

Today is national ICE CREAM DAY!!!!! I love, love, love, ICE CREAM! I could eat it every day if I was aloud lol. Here are some Cool facts about Ice cream!

  1. Ice cream sundaes were actually made to eat on Sundays.
  2. The delicious waffle cones were made on accident.
  3. Americas favorite ice cream is vanilla.
  4. Chocolate was first invented.
  5. Ice cream use to be very luxury.
  6. Astronaut ice cream has never been to space.
  7. It takes fifty licks to get through one scoop of ice cream.
  8. An Ice cream food was first to be eaten in China.
  9. An average person eats 20 qurarts a year.
  10. Ice Cream helps reduce stress!

SO eat ice cream!lol ~ Raegan





Funny Pics of dachshunds!

In summer I took these pics and now I just found them. here are the names of the dogs in the pics, Riley is black and a brownish color, Bentley is a grey color, and Paisley is red.

This one looks like he just got up from bed!lol😂

This one looks like she saying, “Who are you and why are you taking pictures of me!” lol

I love this one this one has got to be my favorite!

Thats it I known you were probably suspecting more lol!

Hope you enjoyed these photos! ~Raegan

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