Photos Of Nature

So since I am bored, I took photos of a lot of things. The pictures are of a lot of nature so trees and leaves (even though there are not a lot of leaves outside). XD  On the day I took these pictures it was really sunny and nice outside, which helped the photos.

Here are photos of trees. It is spring but there is no leaves on anything yet.

this is a tree stump that got hollowed out some how. (Probably nature. XD)
this is a pine tree.


You haft to look sideways to see this pic. Sorry, I could not figure it out. XD













On this tree stump you can see a lot of acorn shells, that is because of the squirrels that sit on it and eat the acorns.

Now, here is a bunch of photos, that are water.

I love this photo because of the reflection of the tree.

A creek.
I love this photo because you can see all those waves/ripples.

The flowing water.

Next are clouds and trees. These are some of my favorite photos, because they remind me when Jesus comes back to get everyone that trust Him as there Savor. But it will be even more beautiful when He comes back.

Now you know what I mean, with the sun beaming down. (:

It looks like it was dark, but it was not its just how the photo was taken.

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. … His going forth is from the end of the heaven, and his circuit unto the ends of it: and there is nothing hid from the heat thereof. ~ Psalms 19:1

Here are pictures of a pine tree leaves and a bush I do not know what it is called. lol           I know I said that there has been no green but these stay green all year.

That is all of the photos! Hoped you enjoyed looking at them! ~ Raegan💛




I Made a Cake

So I made a cake, because I was bored. XD It was on may about 2 weeks ago when I made the cake so not that long ago. I love making cakes, and I make them about once a month sometimes twice. I think my skills are approving but I honestly do not know.

The cake I made was a chocolate cake, If you would like the recipe here is the link. The buttercream is supper simple to make.

The cake is a blue purple color. I forgot what the color was called.
And the inside. Sorry the photo is blurry.

That’s the cake! And hope fully I will be making a cake for Easter but I do not know yet. ~ Raegan

Facts About Eggs

Eggs are delicious! Especially farm fresh ones! Now, here are the facts!

  • There can be all different colors of eggs, like light green, light pink, blueish, brown, and a olive green.
  • They are high in protein.
  • Farm fresh egg’s yolks are a darker yellow then the stores.
  • Don’t waist your money on brown eggs, they are all the same. The only difference is that they are brown.
  • Eggs are the most popular breakfast food.
  • Chickens can eat eggs shells. (My grandparent’s chickens love them.)
  • Chicken eggs are stronger then you think.
  • Most egg cartons are lying about cage free chickens. And if they are they will be in a big barn with no room to move around because there are a tons of chickens.
  • On the egg carton it will say, Large eggs, but they really are not that big. Farm fresh eggs are huge, sometimes they will not even fit in a egg carton.
  • Don’t eat raw eggs, they will not build your muscles.
  • The older your eggs are the better for hard boiling.
  • Eggs from the store are old and not as fresh as you think.
  • You can tell if eggs are good or bad by putting them in warm water and if the eggs float they are bad,but if the sink they are still good to eat.
  • There can be a double yolk in a egg.

That is all the facts! Hoped you enjoyed my post! ~ Raegan💜

Positives and Negatives About Summer

I am doing this post because summer is almost here! (Even tho it just turned spring. XD) Here you go!

Everyone likes something about summer. Some people like that they do not have school some, some people like that it is warm. So here is all the positives and negatives about summer.

The Positives

  1. No school. I think we can all agree that no school is the best highlight of summer.
  2. You have a excuse to eat ice cream/Popsicle. If you live where it gets pretty hot in the summer then you know what I am talking about. When its 90 degrees out side and you just want to eat something that will cool you down.
  3. You can hang out with your friend. Since there is no school you can hang out with your friends more often and do stuff outside.
  4. Go swimming. If you know someone/or have a pool then this is awesome to do. There are so many thing that you can do in a pool, its pretty much endless options.
  5. Free vitamin D. I love the sun! It feel so good to go outside and get some extra vitamin D.

Now for the Negatives.

  1. Its really hot outside. It depends where you live but where I live it can get hot.
  2. Mosquitoes. They are tinny, blood sucking, annoying, little bugs. Every summer I can never not have a mosquitoes.
  3. Sunburns. Sunburns are worst because if any thing touches that sunburn it will sting and hurt.
  4. Its busy every where. Where ever you go say you want to go on vacation, its going to busy because everyone is out of school. I am homeschooled my family usually take vacations in the winter.
  5. You don’t know what to do because you have no school. Don’t get me wrong, I love that I don’t have to do school in summer, but when you are use to doing school most of your day you start to wonder what to do.

That’s all! Do you agree with these? ~ Raegan💜

Things To Do When You Are Stuck At Home

My state just decided that they want us (the entire state) to stay inside of are houses and only go out for needs, like groceries and emergency. So it has been getting a little bored at my house. Most people are like “This is not a change for you” (because I am homeschooled) but it really is because my family does a lot of activities like I am in a play that just got postpone, and I am in choir. So really it is hard hard for homeschoolers too and not just public homeschoolers. Tell me it is different for you.

So now here is all of my ideas to do when you are bored.

  1. Make a cake.
  2. If you are into painting and that kind of stuff, then do something big like paint on a huge canvas.
  3. Clean your room.
  4. Do extra school. Luckily, we are still doing school, so we decided that we are going to do extra that way we can get done earlier in the year.
  5. Wright extra post for your blog.
  6. Organize a collection of yours.
  7. Try new things.
  8. Learn new song on a instrument that you use.
  9. Learn a new instrument. (You can look up tutorials on YouTube.)
  10. Listen to AIO.
  11. Try a new recipe.
  12. Watch a movie with your family.
  13. Play with your pets (if you have one).
  14. Look at old family pictures.
  15. Research more about the coronavirus.
  16. Make a craft.
  17. Teach your dog new tricks.
  18. Paint your nails.
  19. Find out more about your heritage. (Like where you were from and stuff like that.)
  20. Play video games.

That’s all for today! Hoped you enjoyed my post! ~ Raegan

Free Adventures in Odyssey!?

Yep, that is right! They are all free! all you have to do is go on Then go on the top it will have a button (Or whatever you call it. XD) That says start my free trial, Click that, sign up and listen! You do not even need a credit card!

You may be wondering why are they giving out free episodes? Well, they are doing it because most kids are stuck at home (Because of the Coronavirus if you did not know.) running out of ideas to do, So now kids can have something to do.

If you do not know what Adventures in Odyssey is here is a little information. Adventures in Odyssey is a kids Christian radio drama based for kids ages 8-12. I have listen to it ever since I was seven, and I still listen to it now (I am thirteen), so it depends who you are. They have pretty much every lesson you can think of. HERE Is a link that show all the lessons they have.

So if you are looking for some thing to do then listen to Adventures in Odyssey! ~ Raegan


Happy spring everyone!

The Coronavirus is getting pretty crazy! The government has already shut down most of the schools, a lot of restaurants are closed, and the lines are crazy at Costco.

The symptoms of Coronavirus is…

  • Sore Throat
  • Runny nose
  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Difficulty breathing (Severe cases)
These are a lot of symptoms of flue and allergies. Do not get confused between the flue and allergies. Both of them are going on right now so try not to stare at some one if they are coughing or sneezing they probably have allergies.


The only way for you to get it, is if you have been exposed to some one who has it. If you are really worried about it then do something. You can boost your immune system by eating lots of vegetables and fruits. Also, Stay away from big crowds, because you never know who might have it.

(This is just random but thought you might want to know. ) I think we all know it is actually called Covid 19, but they call it corona for short. Corona is a Latin word for crown. They call it that because it looks like it has tiny crowns on it.

Stay safe everyone! And remember to wash your hands!😉 ~ Raegan



American Eskimo

This post is about American Eskimo. I chose this dog because I had a American Eskimo. She was the sweetest, bravest, loyal dog we have ever had. Sadly she died about three years ago. BUT she lived a long sixteen year. 

The American Eskimo is a medium sized fluffy dog. They can live up to 13 – 15 years. They weigh 18 – 35 pounds which is a nice size for a dog. They have a white fluffy coat of fur. 

 They are very intelligent so keep your eyes on them because they are VERY sneaky. (Mine would always get into the trash.XD) Since they are so smart they are easy to train. 

They are great family dogs because you can train them how you want them so if you do not have a fence then they will stay in your yard (at least are’s did). They also will protect you from any one who is a threat to you. Our dog would get in fights with raccoons (we were not in threat at that time but, A+ for effort!), and one time some wild dogs came to our house and she got in a fight with them and protected us. Most American Eskimos are great with kids but sometimes they can be a little feisty if you do not train them right.

If you were interested in getting one off these, just keep in mind they are crazy expensive, They cost up to $1,600. My mom and dad did not pay that much money for the dog that we got. They got her for free because the vet was going to put her down, because she was sick, but all she needed was some medicine. So they helped her get better!

Overall, they are great dogs to have! ~ Raegan

My Etsy Shop Idea

Me and my cousin were talking, and we wanted to make a slime shop, But then we realized that if we were to sell just slime, we would not get a lot of customers. So instead we would make a shop that would sell anything that we made. We would still sell slime but only a couple and me and cousin like to make scrunchies so we would sell those to!

This is not official yet it is just a thought. I was thinking of some names and I came up with Crafty Cousins, and Creative Cousins. They are pretty much the same thing but, I am still deciding which one sounds better. Right now I like Crafty Cousins the best.

We would manly sell scrunchies and slime but other things too, like bows, or these dog toys I make.

Again, this is not official. What do you think of my idea? ~ Raegan

Movie Review ~ Beauty And The Beast

Before you read the post, I mainly did this movie because I am in the play. And I am not belle just before people start asking (which is fine.). I am the aristocratic lady! *wows in the back round.* XD If you do not know who she is she is just a rich person who say, bonjour first in the beginning song. (: ( I also have my own servant in this.(; )

Beauty and the beast is a classic Disney movie. This review is on the old one not the 2017. Its about a girl called Belle and she lives in a small town in France. Her father is a inventor, and he goes of on a journey to a fair (because he is a inventor). Mean while while he is gone Gaston, who is obsessed with her, and tries too marry her and she said, no. When belles father was on his way he got lost, and ended up in a castle where a beast took him and put him in jail. Then later on she finds her fathers horse, which told her that her father is in trouble. The horse leads her to the castle that her father went into. She goes into the castel and finds her father and takes her place for her father. Lets just say she learns to love the beast, and the beast learns to show love (he could not in the beginning). In the end every thing turns out fine.

This is a great movie, and is the best princess movie (and Tangled 😉). This movie is also a great lesson on how not to look on the outside but on the inside (heart). So if some one looks different, or maybe they are in a wheel chair, or they are blind, what ever you do, do not judge them on how they look or what disability they have. Overall this is a great movie to sit down and watch it the family. I would rate this five stars because it is very family-friendly, a great lesson to learn, and fun to watch. ~ Raegan

Pics of chickens/feathers

The other day I went to my Oma and Opa’s farm, and they have about 16 chickens 🐔so here are some pics of that.

The light brown chicken is named brawlhallaz (She is named after a video game), and the one next to her the black one, is named blaze. (Because she has a little orange, it reminds me of a blaze of fire.) and the one behind him is named chicky. (Because she is very small.)
Isn’t she just so cute!😍
This feather is from chicky. It is so pretty!
Just a pine tree.🌲

That is my Oma’s dog named penny. She is a chocolate lab, mixed with a saint Bernard. She is big but the sweetest dog you will ever meet!

That is it! Sorry I did not take that many pics. ~ Raegan


7 Ideas For A SleepOver

Sleepovers are so much fun! Have you ever been at a sleepover and you do not know what to do? Well… here are some ideas, that way you are not stumped! 


  1. Paint each other’s nails. Tell your friends who are coming over and ask them to bring their favorite nail polish. Then paint each others nails!
  2. Watch your favorite TV show/movie. I like to do this one a lot with my friends. Say if they have not seen one of your favorite movies then sit on the couch pop some popcorn and  watch it with your friends! Of course with permission of your parents.
  3. Do crafts. Say you like to sew and your friends do not know how, teach them! And maybe one of your friends will teach you one of their favorite crafts.
  4. Bake. I LOVE TO BAKE!! It is so much fun! It will be faster if you and your friends work together and boom! You have a cake! It is also a lot of fun to eat it!
  5. Karaoke. Even if you do not like to sing, still do it because who cares what your voice sounds like it is just a lot of fun to do it. Me and my friends tend to sing Disney and Greatest Showman Songs.
  6. Play Outside. If it is the appropriate weather then do this! I live in a wooded area so it is a lot of fun, because we can build teepees and go creaking!
  7. Play with your animals. If you have animals then this is a ton of fun. I have a rabbit so we like to do photo shoots with her. You can also make up games with them. Like we put my dog at the end of the room and you stand there and call him to see who he comes too first.

That’s it! Sorry all boys who are reading this is more towards girls. Hope you enjoyed this post! ~ Raegan



Facts About Citrus Fruit

I LOVVEE Citrus fruits! I could eat oranges all day! Just not lemons plain, but I do love lemons in everything! Here are some facts about citrus fruits!

  • Christopher Columbus brought citrus fruits to North America first.
  • Citrus is good for colds.
  • In Florida there are about 569,000 acres of citrus groves.
  • Most oranges are harvested by hand.
  • More than 70% of citrus supplies comes from Florida.
  • The Average American drinks/eats 2.7 gallons of orange juice.
  • Brazil is the largest producer followed by the United States, Mexico, and China.
  • Lemon trees produce all year round.
  • A lemon tree produces 600 pounds of lemons per year.
  • lemon tree leaves are sometimes used to make tea.
  • Lemons are high in acid that is why they make a good cleaning product.

Here is a list of all the citrus fruits!





Rough Lemon


Kaffir lime

Key lime

Leech Limes

Mandarin orange


Orange (fruit)



Shonan gold





Imperial Lemon


Red finger lime






Blood orange


Hope you enjoyed this post about citrus fruits! Do you like citrus fruits? ~ Raegan






Here, here, and here is where I got the information.





What Is So Great About Slime?

So what is so great about slime? Well… its makes super, cool, satisfying sounds like when you poke the slime it make a clicking noise, and when you stretch a floam slime and then squish it it will make a crunchy noise.

You may wonder, “What else it can not just be that!” It is super satisfying to make, when you add little by little of the activator it starts to form and while you are mixing it makes (back to the noise!) a really unique noise.

It’s also super fun to stretch most slimes are supper stretchy but, if you go to a store and by one they are not always going to be stretchy, that is why you make home made slime! It is very easy to make! A may take a little to perfect your recipe, but if you do not want to make slime or you do not have the supplies here are the best slimes to buy from the store. Nickelodeon. there slimes are stretchy, clicky, and thick, but it is a little pricey for the amount of slime you get. Etsy is a great place to find slimes to! there are a TON of slimes on Etsy and all different types. Target is another great place to look they have LOTS of slimes there.

That is it for today hoped you enjoyed this post and tell me what you think of slime! ~Raegan





My Morning Routine/Photography

I get up about 8:00 to 8:30, and sometimes 9:00 to 10:00 when I stay up to long.🙄 On week ends Its weird because I get up at 7:30 sometime, and that is the day where you are suppose to sleep in, because you do not have school. Once I am up, I lay in my bed for a couple minutes and convince my self to get up! Also just to tell you I am using my dog as me getting up, because why not(I bribed him with cheese.😂)! LOL My dog is also a lot like me where he does not want to get up in the morning.

Me just waking up.


Me being like, “Okay I have to get up now.”
Maybe just a little more sleep.
I have to get up this time!


I am up now!

Then I get up and get a drink of water because I am always thirsty. I usually do not eat breakfast a lot but sometimes, I will only if I am starving.

If you are wondering what is behind that it is some flowers, that make me sneeze.

After that, I will go to the computer and check my email, and start working on my school. 

That is it! And yes, I have a very short routine. ~ Raegan💜

Blog Post Ideas

I know it can be hard some times to decide what to post on your blog. If you do not know what to post here are some ideas that you can do!

  • Photography. Even if you are bad at it a lot of people like to look at that kind of stuff (at least I do XD!).
  • Facts About Stuff. This is really easy to do find some thing that you are interested in then do a post about it. Like your favorite type of dog or about watermelons.
  • Your Daily Routine. You could do a morning and night routine so that is two post right there. I am planing to do this one some time but I do not know when.
  • Do A Post With Your Siblings. This can be a lot of fun! It would probably be the easiest if you do a interview with one of them (like ask random questions.). If you have a lot then you could do a lot of interviews.
  • Do A Post About Your Pets. This one is super fun to do if you have pets. If you do not have pets you could do a post of what kind of pet you would like to get.
  • Crafts. This is fun to do because if you do it before you post it that way you can take a pic of the craft.
  • Recipes. Same thing with the craft lots of fun to do, and plus you get a yummy snack at the end.
  • A Post about one of your favorite things. Lets say your favorite dog is a German Shepard, then wright about it and why you like them. This can work with any thing.
  • Your Favorite Bible Verse. This one always gets people interested. And It is always fun to know what other people’s favorite bible verse is.

That’s it! ~ Raegan💜

Movie Review~ Little House On The Prairie

This is a series, but they do have a couple movies. In the series/movies there is Laura, who is a about 8 in the very first episode. She is a funny girl who loves fishing and hanging out with her dog Jack. Marry, is the oldest and she is about 12 in the first episode. She is very smart and likes to hang out with her friends. Carry, is the littlest of all and does not have here own episode until a couple series in. Ma, is a kind, thoughtful person who apparently makes good pie in the series. Pa, is very strong and brave, and loves his daughters.

I only told you the characters and a little about them because there is a lot of movies and a lot of series about them. This series is the BEST series to sit down on the couch with your family and watch it! It has a lot of biblical stuff, and there is no cussing. I would give this series a five stars!

Season One Episode Guide for Little House on the Prairie

Happy Late Valentine’s Day!

I made a cake for Valentine’s Day and it was kind of like a bar cake. It was a chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream, but I had to use some store bought icing because there was not enough of the butter cream that I made. Here is the cake recipe if you would like to check it out! I would defiantly recommend making this cake it was super moist and chocolaty!

I tried! XD 

On that day we got up and went to homeschool group. And that was fun, because we got to dissect crayfish and it was really fascinating. One guy had brought a hole bunch of his reptiles and other animals like a baby hedge hog who was white and her name was Noelle!( SHE WAS SO CUTE!) He also brought a rabbit named max. He was a Mini Rex just like mine, but grey and white! Then my family went home and I made the cake while they did what ever. Once the cake was made we went to my Oma and Opa’s to eat the cake with them. That was the end of the day! Hoped you enjoyed this post! ~ Raegan♥
























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