The Plus Sides of Having a Pet Rabbit

I LOVE rabbits I one rabbit and her name is Foo foo. Yep from the song little bunny foo foo, my mom named her I wanted to name her but I was six or seven at the time so I can see why my mom probably would not let me name her lol. I do love her name!

  1. Β Rabbits are GREAT snuggles not all rabbits like to snuggle but mine does and she is super soft. I like to sit down, and a movie or a TV show.
  2. They are supper funny when they hop around the house when my rabbit gets excited she will run really fast!
  3. If you have a pet rabbit and you are the one that feeds are cleans her cage they will love on you. Some rabbits will come to there name, mine does not, but not every rabbit is perfect!lol
  4. Some times rabbits can be a reminder so for insistence when you are filling up there water you might think I need to drink more water.
  5. When you are felling sad your rabbit will always be there for you to snuggle with!

I hope you enjoyed these Plus sides of having a pet Rabbit!😁🐰~Raegan

18 thoughts on “The Plus Sides of Having a Pet Rabbit”

  1. Rabbits are so cute! My sister went through a faze of really wanting one, but we already have a dog, so it might not turn out well if we got another pet. They look really soft and cuddly, though! My favorites are the lop-eared ones; the ones with the ears that just flop down and don’t stick up. It gives them a comical look! πŸ™‚

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      1. Okay! I personally don’t think that our dog (his name is Jester) would get along with it. He usually goes crazy whenever he sees other animals, including other dogs! It’s a weird habit of his, which gets kind of annoying sometimes, but other than that he’s a great dog!

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  2. How cute!! Rabbits are supppeeer underrated. They require more care than people think, but they also are so much more sociable than people think!! It’s a shame so many get maltreated

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