Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Rabbit

Rabbits are great pets to have! They are cute and fun to play with, but there are somethings that are very impotent for you to know before you get a rabbit. Here are some of the things.

  1. Rabbits can be messy. This is a big one that a lot of people ignore. Even if your rabbit is potty train they are still going to have a couple accidents here and there.
  2. They Need a lot of supplies. A lot of people think that all rabbits need is some pellets and water, well… that is false. They need lots of hay and vegetables. Rabbits need to have endless amount of hay because they need it to digest there food, and if they don’t get it they could have lots of different problems.
  3. They cost a lot of money to take care of. Now I would not say a ton but a nice amount. It is because you are buying Hay (lots of it), Pellets, Vegetables, Litter, and toys.
  4. Not all rabbits like to play/snuggle. A lot of people get a rabbit to play with and to snuggle with. Well not all rabbits like to do that some of them do but some of them may prefer to just play then snuggle. This does not mean no rabbits like to snuggle, I have a rabbit and she love to snuggle!

Here are some pics of Foo Foo (my rabbit) I took.

By the way if anyone is wondering if the dress is hurting her, it is not. She does not wear it all day, it is just for a picture and she does not even mind wearing it. If you are wondering were to get little outfits you can go to pet smart and they have a whole bunch.

Hope you enjoyed this post and the pics! ~ Raegan

19 thoughts on “Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Rabbit”

      1. No problemo! hahaha! she snuggles all day ❤ OK great! We just got a BUNCH of hay so ill check that off the list!! Umm I don't exactly know what type but once I figure it out ill let you know!!!

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