How To Clip Your Rabbits Nails

Hello! Today I am going to show you guys how to clip your rabbit’s nails. This will be a shorter post but I am hoping to do more “How To” rabbit stuff (I don’t know what to call it lol). On to the post!

What you will need is…

  • Rabbit clippers (you can use cat clippers too.)
  • Some water
  • A nail filer (optional)

Get your rabbit and hold her/him nice and tight, but not too tight where you are suffocating it.

This is my rabbit but I am not holding her in the pic. Her head looks huge. lol

Take your water and dab your fingers in it, then push back the hair buy the nail that way you don’t clip it.

Next, take your clippers and put it in the nail, and hold down for three seconds then press down.

This is what your clippers should kind of look like. You don’t want it to be to big, because then it might not cut.

Now, you can file it down if you would like. Not a necessity.

Do this to all of your rabbit’s nails. Just remember not to hit the quick. The quick is where the blood is. You can see it if your rabbit has white nails and if it has dark you can use a flash light to help see it. It looks like a red line. If you do go over it, it should start to bleed. Keep a Close Eye on it and if it does not stop in about 10-20 (It depends on the size of the rabbit. I would do your own research.) minutes, take it to the vet. You could also put some corn starch on it.

In this pic you can see her quick. This is also an example that her nail is to long and I have to cut it.

Hoped you enjoyed this post! ~ Raegan

16 thoughts on “How To Clip Your Rabbits Nails”

  1. Nice educational post! Can I add: if your rabbit has very dark nails, you can use a flashlight to see the quick. If you accidentally cut the quick, you can use something like cornstarch or flour to stop the bleeding.

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