How To Keep Your Rabbit Busy + DIY Rabbit Toys

If your rabbit has been bored or you want to give them something new to do, try some of these ideas and toys!

  1. New TOYS!! We all love getting new things! So does your rabbit! Your rabbit would probably love to have a new toy! You can make your own toys using a paper towel roll (the cardboard part). You could also try switching out your rabbits toys. So every two weeks, take out the old ones and put in some new ones.
  2. Give them something to destroy. Rabbits love chewing on things, so try giving them a cardboard box to chew on. They will love chewing it! You could also cut two holes inside a cardboard box and then stuff hay inside of it, my rabbit loves that.
  3. Let them explore new areas. My rabbit loves exploring new places. Mine loves to go around and check stuff out. If you do this make sure the place is safe for your rabbit. You do not want your rabbit to get hurt.
  4. Make a Cardboard House for them. This is really fun for you and your rabbit. At least I find it fun to make a cardboard house for my rabbit. It is super easy to make and your rabbit will love hiding in it and chewing it up.

Now here are some easy toys to make.

  • Paper towel roll toy. For this toy you do not have to use toilet roll you can use paper towel too. I prefer to use a paper towel because you can make about four of the toys instead of one. To make this toy, take some scissors and make a whole bunch of little lines on the side of it. This is one of my rabbits favorite toys!
  • Paper bag with timothy hay and treats. I just made this for my rabbit and she loves it! All you need is a paper bag, hay, and treats. First put some hay inside of the bag, then add your rabbits favorite treats. You can cut the bag down to a size that you think your rabbit will like. Now you can close the bag or leave it open. I left mine open that way my rabbit gets the idea that there was treats and hay inside.
  • Paper ropes/knots.
First cut off a piece from the paper bag. It should look like this.👆
Fold your piece in half.
Now just twist the piece but not to hard or it will break. You can leave it like this or tie it into a not.
My rabbit chewing on it.
Getting very into it. lol That is why it is blurry. Sometimes blur is okay.

Hope you found some ideas to keep your rabbit busy. Have a great day! ~ Raegan💜

17 thoughts on “How To Keep Your Rabbit Busy + DIY Rabbit Toys”

  1. Aww! Your bunny is adorable! I wish I could have used this post for our bunny but she ran away when we left for a trip and she didn’t come back 😢😂😂😂

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