My Travel Essentials

Hello everyone! Today I am going to share my travel essentials. I have only been on a couple of long trips, but about once or every two months, me and my family will take about a two-hour trip to see friends or family. So here are my travel essentials!

Brown Leather Crossbody Bag With White Framed Sunglasses
  • Purse/backpack. This is usually what I put all of my things inside. I usually bring a bigger purse or a backpack with a smaller purse inside.
Person Holding Black Ipad
  • My Tablet. I still don’t have my own phone yet (I share with my brother), so I bring my tablet to play offline games. I still love to play video games. I like to play Mine Craft, color switch, best friends (I’m stuck on that game right now lol), and a lot more. lol The tablet is a great time passer, but if I am on it for a long time, I will get a headache.
  • Gum. I love chewing on gum. My parents buys the big pack of gum from Costco, because my whole family loves gum too. Defiantly an necessity. lol jk
Close-up Photography Two Brown Cards
  •  Cash/Gift Cards. I am not the type of person who likes to spend their money right away. Don’t get me wrong, I do love spending money but not right away, so usually, I will have some money saved for a trip to buy souvenirs. Gift cards are great for longer trips because if I want something to drink or eat, I don’t have to worry about cash. My parents do pay for my food but say if I want a drink (that’s not water) then I would pay for it. I save my gift cards for a long time for traveling.
Person Holding a lip balm
  • Chap Stick. Its seems like when ever I go on a trip my lips are always chap. One time I went to San Diego and I, my mom, and my grandma’s lips were chap and we all had no chap stick, so we went to Costco and bought a pack of chap stick.
Silver Ring on White Plastic Bottle
  • Water Bottle. I have been bringing my hydro flask on trips because it keeps the water cold for 24 hrs and it is amazing! I try not to drink too much but then again if I don’t drink enough water I will get a head ache. lol
Close-up Photography of Fawn Pug Covered With Brown Cloth
Isn’t the dog so cute!
  • Blanket. I would not bring this on an airplane (endless its really long but I’v never been on a really long airplane trip) but defiantly in the car! My family usually takes trips in winter because that is when my dad is off of work, So it is usually cold, that is why I would bring a blanket.
Woman Wearing Brown Leather Jacket and Black Pants
This is not me. lol All of these photos are from Pexels.
  • Jacket. This ties along with the blanket, its cold, so I would defiantly need this.

Those are all of my main travel essentials! I hope you enjoyed reading this post!

18 thoughts on “My Travel Essentials”

  1. Awesome things! I bring a camera, books, and snacks when I travel, as well as some of these!
    I don’t have my own phone, either, or a tablet, or a laptop… so your not alone, lol!
    I take chapstick wherever I go, too! I always keep one in my purse.

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      1. Hi! How exciting! I made a post with a couple airplane tips, but it is old so I will give you some more.
        1. You might already know this but bring gum, and lolie pops. your ears will pop (idk what else to call it) and by yawning, chewing gum or sucking on a lolie pop will help it not hurt. It does not hurt a lot but the gum helps.
        2. If your not on first class (I have never been on it) then you might want to bring your own food or snacks because they are expensive and does not taste very good.
        3. Don’t drink a lot of liquids. The bathroom is small and not super clean so make sure you don’t drink a ton of liquids.
        If you have any questions plz ask! I will try to answer to the best of my ability.

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    1. Thanks for the tips! πŸ™‚
      I’ll be sure to bring something to chew on.
      I’m gluten and dairy free, so I’ll be bringing my own snacks anyways.
      Do you know, can you bring an empty reusable water bottle and fill it up after security?
      Also, what types of things should I bring along? we’re going to Florida…


      1. Your welcome! Yes, you should be able to bring a empty reusable water bottle.
        If its a long flight bring some entertainment. So a book or, download a movie on a phone, a note book to draw in, and sometimes they will have a TV on the plane with a bunch of free movies.
        A neck pillow is a nice thing to bring, especially if you want to sleep.

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      2. Okay. The flight’s not that long, 2 hours about. Thanks for the ideas! I don’t have a neck pillow, and I don’t plan on sleeping, so that should be fine. πŸ˜‰
        thanks again for the tips!

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