Got a LOT of Snow… | Snow Pictures

If you can tell by the title, I got a lot (or should I say ton) of snow. We got about a foot of snow. I know the people in Alaska and other colder places are like, “That’s nothing”! Well, for where I live, we have not gotten this much snow in years. Here are some pics of the snow.

That is a tree stump and you can see how much snow is on it.
This is my drive way (its much longer than this) and you can see the piles of snow shoveled to the side. Me, my Dad and my Brother shoveled our driveway.
You can see how heavy the snow is on the tree
That is a foot print. Lean your head to the left. (;
Here is a pic of my Dunkin’ scarf I got for Christmas.❤️

Those are all of the photos! I hope you enjoyed looking at them! I want to take more pics some where else, so keep your eye out for more snow pics. Which pic was your favorite?

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