How To Stay Safe on the Internet

This will probably change. lol

I hope your day is going well! Today I am going to share some tips on how to stay safe on the internet. The internet can be a dangerous place. There are a lot of bad people out there who could steal your identity, track you down, and probably more things. That is why I am sharing these tips. Some of the things I am sharing are just extra pro-cation, but you should be okay if you do it.

  1. Don’t share your address. I would hope a lot of people know not to do this, but I know this could happen by accident, as well. I feel like everyone should learn this at a young age, even if they don’t have social media or a blog. I know a lot of people do giveaways and usually if you win you have to share your address. I think giveaways are great just ask your parent before if its okay to do it.
  2. If you are not sure about something, don’t do it. If someone is asking a question that you aren’t sure that you want to answer, then don’t answer. Block the comment or if the person is really creeping you out, then block them too. It’s okay to block people from your blog if they are being weirdly creepy. This also falls in with your post. If you post a picture or anything that you are unsure about, then just don’t post it. You can always write different posts.
  3. Make sure your passwords are strong. When I say make them strong, don’t make it your old school name, than the date you were born. WordPress and a lot of other sites will give you a password generator, you can use that. Sure the passwords are really long and hard to memorize, but it will be hard for people to get into your account.
  4. Make your blog/social media private. This one I don’t do but if you want to be extra safe and keep track of who reads your blog/social media this is a great way to do it. You can still see who follows your blog even if you are not private.
  5. Don’t share your personal information. I could not think of a different way to put this, but pretty much don’t share your last name, pictures of you, pictures of your family, what school you go to, and what church you go to. Now sharing pictures of you and your family, is very optional. I know a lot of people do, but I don’t. I am not allowed till I am 18 (I think), and I am just trying to stay extra safe. Also, if you are under the age of 18, you should ask your parents if you should put a picture of you, before you post it.

I hope you found these tips helpful! How do you stay safe on the internet?

22 thoughts on “How To Stay Safe on the Internet”

  1. These are great tips, Raegan. I think I’d add don’t give out your email, or if you do, use an email that’s not your personal email. If you email people you don’t know, it’s a lot easier to “accidently” give out unnecessary information about yourself, etc.

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  2. Such great tips! It’s SO important to always stay safe, and make sure to talk to your parents about what kind/how much info to give out. I’m glad you made this post, because I think more people should be aware/reminded of internet safety! ❤

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