Easy Ways to Make Money As a Teen

As a teen who has trouble trying to make money, I am going to share some easy ways to make money. These ways will not get you a ton of money, but you will earn some money by doing some of these.

Two Long-coated Brown and Black Dogs
All photos from pexels.com.
  • Babysitting Animals. If you love animals, and your parents like animals too, then this is a great way for you to make money. A lot of people have animals, and when they go on vacation, they will need someone to watch them. Maybe dogs are too much for you to handle. You could always watch rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and fish. Usually, with small animals, they like the person to come to their house to feed the animal every day and check on their water, which is not that much work. With this job, you could easily make 10 to 20 dollars.
Woman Holding Spoon Trying to Eat White Food
  • Market Research. Market research is where a company has you try different things. For example, sometimes they have you try on different cloth or have you eat something. When I did it, I ate cookies and answered questions at the comfort of my own home. And I made 35 dollars just by doing that.
Unrecognizable ethnic female therapist taking notes on clipboard while filling out form during psychological appointment with anonymous client lying on blurred background
  • Surveys. Surveys are where someone will ship you a magazine/book and you fill out all of the questions. I use MIR Simmons and they have specific books for each age. I filled out the teen one and made ten dollars.
  • Take what you’re good at and use that to make money. What I mean about that sentence is to use what you’re good at doing! Everyone has some ability that they really good at doing. For instance, say you are really good at art. You could make money by selling your portraits and paintings, and by teaching art to younger (or older) kids. Now, this is not the easiest way to make money, but if you enjoy doing art, it should not be too much of a hassle to paint a painting and sell it. The hardest part of that would probably be selling it. A way you could sell your portraits/paintings is to make a stand a the end of your driveway (with parent permission, of course) and try to get people to look at your paintings. You could even sell lemon aid while you are at it!

here are some examples of how you can use your talent/abilities to make money.

Selective Focus Photography of Woman Holding Dslr Camera
  • Photography. You could take picture of people for 20 to 50 dollars depending how good you are. You could also, sell your pictures on line.
Music Sheet on Organ
  • Music. Say you are really good at the flute, you could do music lessons and teach a beginner. You could also sell your music online.
Anonymous Asian kid showing command to dog while training outdoors
  • Animal trainer. If you love training animals you could help train other people’s animals for money. I think this would be a lot of fun, but I am not that good at training animals.πŸ˜…
Tennis Ball on Tennis Racket on Floor
  • Sports. You could teach little kids how to play a sport. I have done this before but not to earn money, just for fun.
Woman Wearing Red Top Holding Silver Macbook
  • Tech Savvy. If you are “Tech Savvy” then you could go to a person who needs help with their computer (or some electronic like that) and help figure out how to use it or try to answer questions they have. You could also design websites for people.

Those are just some talents I thought of. I know there is much more.

Photo of Hand Holding a Black Smartphone
  • Social Media. Now this is not a 100% guarantee that your going to make money by doing social media. A lot of teens now a days have social media, if you do have it why not make money off of it? On Instagram you do have to have 10,000 followers to start to make money, but if you try to make your photos look nice (or what ever you post) I am sure you could eventually reach to that goal. Now I do not have Instagram but that is what I have heard. Comment if you think/know if that is true.

Those are all of the tips I have for you guys! I hope you found them helpful. Have a nice day!

21 thoughts on “Easy Ways to Make Money As a Teen”

    1. Thanks! For sure!
      First you have to qualify to be able to do it. For instance, say they want you to try on clothes, they might ask you if you have ever warn some brands of clothes or if you like wearing a specific style of clothing. I did not try on clothe I ate cookies. lol After I qualified, I went to this place called bryers research (Idk if they are everywhere in amerca or any other country) and they gave the cookies to eat. Then I went home and ate them in front of my computer while I answered some questions (can not do it at the place, because of covid). I can not talk about the questions they asked while I was eating the cookies, because they specifically asked me not to. Hope that gave some more information! (:


  1. These are some really good tips for people living in the West! I wish it was this easy in Asia. Here, there’s no such thing as babysitting animals part-time (unless you have a special hostel for animals). I loved this blog though. How did you make money with surveys?


    1. Thanks! So sorry they are not helpful for the people in Asia. Thanks! I liked the one I used in my blog but it might be different since your in Asia.


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