Q and A! Part One

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Thanks so much for all of the questions that you guys sent in! Here are the answers!

Amber asked,

What is your all time favorite color?

It would have to be light pink. I know a lot of girls my age do not like pink, but I still love the color. I think it is pretty. 🙂

What is your favorite season and why?

This is a hard one because I like them all for their different reasons. But I would probably have to say fall.

Do you like the beach or mountains better?


What are your thoughts on Christianity?

I am a christian. So I think Christianity (being a christian) is the only way to heaven. If you are reading this and you don’t know who a christian is, they are someone who believes that the only way to heaven is excepting Jesus Christ as your savoir, and believing that he died and rose again on the third day. There is a lot more to it but that is all I am going to say.

Would you rather live in the city or the country for the rest of your life?

This question is so hard to answer, because I love both the city and the country. But I would probably chose the country because I like how quiet it is! (:

Corrie S. P. asked,

What is your favorite song?

I don’t listen to music that often because I play it a lot. But If I were to chose a song it would either be a God only knows (by King and Country) or Million dreams (from The Greatest Showman).

What is your favorite food?

I really like this ranch chicken with pasta that my mom makes.

What is your favorite game?

I really like credit card monopoly, and dutch blits.

What is your favorite color?

Pink! (:

What is your favorite movie?

I really like Ratatouille, Minions, and the Greatest Showman (sry can’t chose one lol).

What is your favorite toy?

Probably slime.

Theworksofadreamer asked,

Favorite song?

God only knows or a million dreams.

Best memory?

When I got my rabbit Foo Foo!

Theperilouspen13 asked,

The fictional character who inspires you the most?

Either Wooten or Connie from Adventures in Odyssey.

Meg asked,

Which celebrity do you look the most like?

I have no clue. lol

Why did you start blogging?

My blog was originally for school. Then I quit doing that curriculum (Ron Paul Curriculum) so I decided to just keep blogging.

favorite store or brand?


Smuckerlife asked,

If you could do anything in the whole world knowing you wouldn’t fail and nothing bad would happen, what would you do?

Go sky diving.

What is your favorite pet/animal?

A rabbit.

What is your favorite out of state trip?

Missouri Saint Louis.

Introverted thoughts asked,

 Favorite book and why?

Diary of a wimpy kid. I love this series of books. I guess I like it because It is relatable.

If you could go back in time, which memory would you want to relive?

The beginning of the lockdown was a little stressful.

Are you an optimist or pessimist?

Both. Depends on the situation.

Dragonsden90 asked,

Favorite book(s)?

Diary of a wimpy kid, Little House in the Big Woods, and The Box Car Children.

Favorite movie(s)?

Minions, Ratatouille, Greatest Showman, and spiderman homecoming.

Do you like to draw?


Favorite animal?

A rabbit

favorite mythical creature?

A unicorn

do yOu LikE tO eaT? XD (random one XD)


Favorite food?

Chicken ranch with pasta

Ariela asked,

What’s your Favorite flavor of ice cream?

Chocolate peanut butter

Do you have short hair or long hair?

Right now, it is about medium length but I usually cut it short.

Do like wearing jeans or skirts?

Definitely jeans. I do not like wearing skirts.

Do you paint your fingernails?


Come back tomorrow to see part two!


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