My Summer Bucket List

Today I am going to share my summer bucket list. I am not going to pressure my self to do to many of the things, because I will have a busy schedule with music, camp, sports, etc.

  • Make Icecream (I just got an ice cream maker, I may do a post on it (;)!
  • Go to the lake.
  • Do my first Violin special for church.
  • Make a cake with Chocolate ganache in the middle.
  • Go horseback riding (I already went horseback riding a week ago, but I would love to do it again if possible.)
  • Maybe Get a African dwarf Frog. If you did not know, I love toads and frogs. I think it would be cool to have one of these frogs as a pet. If you know any information or you have had an African dwarf frog as a pet please let me know what you think of them.
  • Make lemonade. 😋🍋
  • Finish “The Avengers” with my friend.
  • Start a new art project.
  • Make a frog themed cake.
  • Earn some money.
  • Do a piano special for church.
  • Eat Watermelon.
  • Upload some more music on YouTube.

Those are all of my goals/things I would like to do in summer. Also, I am almost done with school so hopefully I will be able to have a regular posting schedule for my blog. What are somethings you want to do in summer? Have a great day!


29 thoughts on “My Summer Bucket List”

      1. Not long actually. I either started beginning of this year, or the end of last year. You can listen to the piece I’m learning too. It’s on Apple Music, Spotify, or YouTube that I know of.

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  1. Lemonade is surprisingly easy to make! 🍋 My mom used to make it during the summer. I used to play the violin (my violin is over 200 years old!) but haven’t since moving across the country. It’s still at my parents’ house.

    As for uploading music, I did that one summer while babysitting my cousin’s dog. The music was copyrighted (I changed the pitch/tone/speed etc using a program called Audacity) so I didn’t actually profit from any of it, but it was still fun regardless. It still exists on YouTube and I think it has 250K views (over the span of 7 years) 😝

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    1. Yes it is! I have made it before but it has been a long time. lol WOw! 200 years old! That is amazing!
      I have not gotten copyrighted yet, but we shall see the more I upload. I will have to look up audacity, for the copyright thing. Thanks for telling me! That is awsome that you got 250k views!!

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      1. Audacity is a program I used to edit music (and it’s free too). Idk much about copyright. The original music I used was copyrighted – all I did was change it but unfortunately they still counted that as copyright.

        Correction: 250K+ views on one video. The others have maybe 30-70K views. I haven’t checked them in a very long time. I highly recommend uploading music once you get the details sorted out – it’s a very fun hobby! 🙂


  2. Hi Reagan! I have not done any new blogs bc I was preparing for and got a totally new job- quite the ordeal! Anyway, my brother has African frogs – they live underwater. He loves them. He’s an artist and keeps them near his computer. He said they had a lot of babies/tadpoles, but only a few survived. In my estimation, about 5% survived (5 out of 100). They are really cool, but they do require specialized care. If you want to get them, I would totally research how to keep them properly as pets, etc., especially for water conditions, food, temperature and light. Good luck and have a fun summer!

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    1. Hi! Oh okay. Thanks for the information! This really helps! I definitely want to do more research on them even if I end up not getting one.


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