Happy Fourth Of July!

Happy Fourth Of July.png

Happy Fourth Of July everyone!!

sparkling 4th of july GIF

Hope you are having a awesome day!
Today I went to church and then I went to a parade my city originally did every year but last year the did not because of covid, so they had it this year. After the parade, I went home and ate cowboy beans, hots dogs, and cake. Here is the picture of the cake I made.

It is suppose to be a tie dye theme. It did not turn exactly how I wanted it to turn out but that’s okay. lol

Hope you have a great day and happy fourth of July!


7 thoughts on “Happy Fourth Of July!”

  1. Happy Fourth of July!!! I love your cake, I’ve always wanted to try that kind of design I just don’t have time and confidence. šŸ˜­

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