Fall Photos | 2021

Hey! Hope you are having a great day! I just went a short nature walk and took a bunch of photos, and wanted to share it with you all! Surprisingly, there is still a lot of green on some of the trees, but I am sure the leaves will fall off soon.

We found a toad!
He’s jumping and some how I got it in a photo. lol

I hope you enjoyed looking at these photos! I might post some more photos soon (keep your eye out for that😉). It will probably be more pictures of leaves.

Christmas Photo Facebook Cover (2).png

12 thoughts on “Fall Photos | 2021”

  1. Some very nice photos! Hehe, did you name the toad?
    Yeah, here in Chicago there is still much green on trees. I feel like there’s not going to be a grand beautiful slow color change, but that the leaves’ll just die in like a day.

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    1. Thanks! My brother and my cousin kept calling him human. Idk why though. Lol

      Yeah, I live in the subarbes of Chicago, so I know what you mean. I live surrounded by a forest so we always look outside to see how many leaves are left on the trees.


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