Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope your day is going great!

Today I got up and my dad drove me to Dunkin’. I bought an iced caramel macchiato which was delicious.

Who knows what we will do for lunch we might skip it or eat leftovers. lol For dinner I and my mom’s family are all going to go out to Denny’s to eat dinner. Yes, Dennys. It is a family tradition. Yeah, so that is what my will kind of look like.

Here are five things I am thankful for and why, since it is THANKSgiving.

  1. My Rabbit is healthy and alive. For that past two years now, every september, it would kinda get sick which I would freak out then. But thankfuly every single time she recovered. So I am very grateful my rabbit is alive.
  2. I got to start violin lessons and I got my first violin. If you did not know I started violin lessons this year. I have been wanting to play violin forever (here is a post if you are intrested in all of the details), so I am extremely grateful that I got to start this year.
  3. All of the traveling I have goten to do. This year me and my family have gone on many trips. Even though driving in the car can get tiresome, it is always worth it at the end.
  4. My family is (pretty much) healthy. Last year was kinda rough with Covid. Me and my family all got it last year, and some of us had some other health isues. I am very grateful that none of us are sick.
  5. My church is still open. I know some churches are closing and opening because of covid, and my church only closed when covid first happened. It’s nice to go some where, were you don’t have to worry about covid “stuff”.

That is it for today! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for?

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