Picture of Deer In Snow

Hope you are all having a fantastic day! It just snowed recently by my house so I decided to take pictures. Right before I was going to go out to take pictures I saw some deer so I took some pictures of them too.

The deer
I don’t know what he is looking at. lol
Can you find the deer? That is my treehouse on the right.
Well hello there.
“Running” *in the Forest Gump voice*

That is all for this post! I hope you enjoyed looking at these photos!

15 thoughts on “Picture of Deer In Snow”

      1. There is certainly a feeling unlike any other that goes along with there being snow on the ground. It snows in the mountains here, so I’m within a day trip of snow if I ever get the urge to go to the snow, but from my few experiences of driving in the snow, I know that’s no fun either. Snow is still unusual enough for me that I just find it fascinating.

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