How To Figure Out What Type of Pet Is Right For You

Many people love pets. In fact, about 67% of people in America own a pet. Maybe, you own a pet, or maybe it’s a family pet, or you don’t have a pet and you are trying to figure out what type of pet you want. Well, today I am going to try to help you with that!

Now here are some questions you can answer to yourself and match up your answers with different types of pets. Now, remember this is not 100% accurate.

Close-Up Shot of a Kitten Looking at Camera

How much research are you willing to do? Before getting a pet you are going to want to do a ton of research. For the past two years, I have been liking birds and I have been doing a ton of research on them. I have even found out that some bird breeds just are not for me. Definitely do your research, and maybe you will find out you like the animal or that type of animal is not for you. Another great way to find out if you like the animal is to babysit it. Maybe you want a bearded dragon. Try to find someone who would let you babysit it when they are on vacation. Then you will really find out if you like that type of pet or not.

Green Chameleon

How much free time do you have during the day? If you are gone most of the day then a dog or a bird may not be the best pet for you. Now you could get a pet walker to come and walk your dog. With a bird, they need lots of attention and training. And it’s wrong to leave them in the cage all day long. Some great pets if you are gone most of the day would be a hamster, a rabbit (I’ll talk more about rabbits), a fish, a frog, or a cat. Now if you are home most of the day, a dog or some animal that needs a lot more attention might be a great pet for you!

Person Touching Golden Retriever

How much training and cleaning are you willing to spend? All animals require some type of cleaning, but not all you can train. If you like/don’t mind cleaning then that is great because all animals require cleaning. If you don’t want to train your animal that may be a problem because a lot of animals require some training. Now, you can hire people to train, but I feel like you would not have as much of a connection/bond with your pet. If you don’t like to clean, then maybe dogs, cats, rabbits, birds extra are not for you. And If you don’t like to train then maybe fish or a frog might be a nice choice for you.

Green and Yellow Parrot

How many years are willing to commit? There are a lot of animals that live for a long time and some outlive their owner. If you are not willing to commit to the rest of the pet’s life then you should not get that pet. Sadly, sometimes people will buy a puppy (or any pet that lives over five years), and then when it gets old, they will give it to the shelter because it is old. That is just wrong and they should have not gotten the puppy in the first place. Imagine how confused the dog is. The dog has lived with that family since it was a puppy and then suddenly it is put in a new home. Some pets that live a long time are: Parrots, some breeds of dogs, tortoises, cats, and even some fish live a long time. Now say you just want a pet for a little while. Some pets that don’t live a long time are: hamsters, guinea pigs, chameleons, and zebra finches.

Black and White Border Collie Puppy Lying on Green Grass Field

I would say the best way to figure out if that pet is right for you, is by researching. Trust me, you can never do too much research on a pet you are going to get. The more you know about that pet the better you are going to know if it will be a good pet for you. Never impulsively buy a pet. Hope you learned something new or have a better idea of what pet is right for you!


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