My Mug Collection

Hello! I hope your day is going fantastic! Today I will be sharing my mug collection. Now I don’t drink coffee every day… yet, but probably someday I will.😅 That is one reason why I have all of these mugs, well… and because they are cute.

First up is my mermaid mug. I got this mug in San Diego.

I got this mug for my birthday from my parents. They got it for me because I like to sleep in (but who doesn’t lol?!).

It says, “Llama just stay in bed.”

I got this shook mug from Hobby Lobby. It was on sale so that is why I bought it.

My unicorn cup with a unicorn spoon and top.

Sorry about the glare.

My Chicago mug. Guess where I got this mug. lol


This is my Dunkin’ cup. If you did not know, I love Dunkin’ coffee so I got this cute mug from Dunkin’.

The inside of it.


Next up is another unicorn mug(shocker I know). This is my first unicorn mug, and it sadly has small cracks all over it. I don’t know how it got those. I didn’t even drop it.

That is all of my mugs! Hope you enjoyed this post!


11 thoughts on “My Mug Collection”

  1. I have several mugs that I’ve gotten as souvenirs from places I’ve visited. I rarely drink the kind of drinks you would drink out of a mug, though, so they don’t get much use…

    A few years ago, my group of friends always does a white elephant game for Christmas. One year, there weren’t a lot of gifts I really wanted, and I was contemplating whether or not to steal someone’s gift. One of the gifts already opened had multiple things in the same box, I think it was a board game along with a mug shaped like a fox. I said I wanted the game but not the mug. At the time, I was hosting a Dungeons & Dragons game at my house, and they would usually make tea to drink during the game. One of the other people there that night said that if I stole that gift, she would use the fox mug every time for D&D. So I did. The game no longer meets at my house, half the group moved away so we play online, but that friend still uses the fox mug when she is over here.

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