Dog Breeds I Would Not Get As a pet

Hello! Hope your day is going well! Today I am going to share some dog breeds I would not get as a pet. This does not mean I don’t like these dogs because I do like most of them. I just would not want to own one of these dogs for their entire life because of how high maintenance most of these dogs are.


These dogs are so cute! I like hanging out with them, but I have heard and seen way too many things happen to these dogs. I know of a beagle who ran away and got hit by a car and a hound mix who also got hit by a car. This is very sad and I personally, would not want to deal with that. They are also very stubborn and have a high prey drive, which is one reason why these dogs run away and end up getting hit.


I have had a ton of experience with these dogs, so I know for a fact that I do not want one of these dogs. The main reason I don’t want one of these dogs is because of how often they bark. I would probably go insane if the dog would not listen and would keep barking. They are also not the greatest with children, and I would want a dog who is known for being friendly towards everyone.

Belgian Malinois

If you did not know, these dogs are known for being military/police dogs. So right there is a red flag because you know that they will require a ton of training. I have heard many stories of people getting these dogs and taking them to training right as soon as they got them, but they still become aggressive when they got older. The reason why these dogs become aggressive is that they need a job to do. And if they are not given a job they will start to become aggressive. Personally, I don’t think I would be able to handle one of these dogs.


Huskys have such a funny personality and are so cute! While they are cute and funny they are very stubborn. which makes it very difficult to train them. They howl and whine a ton (they don’t tend to bark a lot), and that would get very annoying (to me personally). So I probably will not end up getting one of these dogs.


They are pretty self-explanatory. These dogs tend to be very aggressive and only like their owner. I would like a dog that is friendly towards everyone and not just its family or one person. They also have an annoying bark (most little dogs do). I do know that there are a couple friendly Chihuahuas but I would not want to risk that.

That is all of the dogs. Again, It’s not that don’t like these dogs because I do like most of them. I have dog sat a lot of them and I know that I would not want one of these dogs. I hope you enjoyed reading this post! What are some dog breeds you would not want as a pet?


31 thoughts on “Dog Breeds I Would Not Get As a pet”

  1. Ok. I do not want to be rude but come on. Yeah every breed has some upsides and some downsides. Some might be well trained but bark alot- others might shed but not need much mantainence. But still. Why don’t people consider not looking at “this breed” “that breed” and instead looking at rescues that need homes…and strays that are on the street?

    Also sorry again if I sounded rude. The post was still amazing and you had valid reasons on each. Keep blogging Raegan! Maybe next post you should do Dog Breeds I Would Want As A Pet And Why!

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    1. I agree with some of your points. I know that some people have to be careful about looking at breeds because of the situation the dog will be in, such as, little children, elderly people, other animals and so forth. I would go and get the oldest dog at the shelter if I was going to get a dog. Hopefully I could give it a good/happy remainder of its life.

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      1. Yes I would want to do that too! Some day I want to go to the shelter and get the oldest dog and take it home and give it a happy life until It pasts away.

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    2. I completely agree! I do want to rescue dogs. In fact I would rather have a mixed breed than than pure bred. and I think people should rescue or look at rescue dogs before looking a pure breeds.
      And I do want to do dog breeds I would get. I have not written it yet. lol I have a whole post on why you should rescue and not buy. Its pretty old though.

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      1. Aw yes. I was hoping this would be ur reaction more than being upset over my comment. I knew that was the way u think yet I couldn’t stop myself from commenting that.
        Omgggg that is amazing. I totally stand for Adopt don’t shop.

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    3. Stara, some people can’t have certain breeds because of traits they may have and the families need and looking at shelters isn’t always the best because if you get an adult dog from a shelter it may just be nasty and then you have to get rid of it and some of us want to breed our dogs and dogs from shelters are typically (Actually I believe always) fixed

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      1. Understood. Yeah sure cause of the past experiences some dogs can be nasty. I know. Each dog has a different trait. Yet breeding is so annoying. People want to breed dogs when there are so many dogs helpless on the street and being abandoned.


      2. Breeding isn’t annoying because if people don’t breed then dogs will run out…just because some are abandoned doesn’t mean all will be so should we say that no one can go and buy a puppy just because some people are cruel?

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      3. Understood, but some people over breed the dogs and most breeders send dogs to puppy mills or abandon them cause they can’t breed anymore. I agree with you- lets not turn this into an argument since we both have equally good points.

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  2. I don’t think I would like a St. Bernard or Giant Alaskan Malamute, because while they are adorable they are gigantic and require a lot of food and care. The Malamute is my Second Favorite dog though.
    Note: My current family dog is huge as well, but not gigantic.

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  3. I probably wouldn’t ever want a dog because, personally… I don’t really like dogs 😛 It might be because when I was younger my neighbors had 2 giant dogs and one day they jumped over the fence and started chasing us little kids around… It was bad. I especially wouldn’t want a pitbull. My cousin has one (the dog’s name is Loki XD ) and she’s CrAzY

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  4. I would love to one day get a husky of my own, I wouldn’t get too annoyed with the yapping and stuff, to be honest. But I agree, if you ever did get a military/police dog you would need lots of training with them. Though we have a German Wiredhaired pointer GWP and her name is Roxie, and she talks so much lol. She’s like a husky. For instance, whenever she is let out of her kennel she comes running into our house, gets her toy flamingo and stats prancing around and talking for like 5 minutes. Have a great day!


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    1. That is good that you can handle that! I just get annoyed when dogs bark at every little thing. A little barking is fine but when its a lot, I go crazy. lol
      Awwww so cute!!

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    1. Yes, pit-bulls can be aggressive, but so can pretty much any dog if not had propper socoization. I have never met an aggressive pit-bull so I can not say if they are mean or not. lol

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  5. St. Bernards and Giant Alaskan Malamutes are gorgeous, but they are large and demand a lot of food and care, so I don’t believe I’d like owning one. However, my second favorite dog is the Malamute.


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