Free Food to Get on Your Birthday

Today I will share some free food to get on your birthday. We all love free food, especially on our birthdays (at least I do), so here is a list of free food and how to get them!

Crumble Cookie

Pink Velvet

In order to get a free cookie from crumble, you need to get their app. Once you have their app go to earn free crumbs on the app and press join birthday club. Then enter your birthday and you should get a free crumble cookie!

Dunkin Coffee

birthday cake latte

To get a free coffee from Dunkin’, all you have to do is download the app. Once you have the app go to profile information and make sure your birthday is filled out. Then once your birthday comes you have a free drink! Also, you don’t have to use it the day of and can use it later if you wanted.

Starbucks Coffee

To get a free coffee from Starbucks, first, download the app. Then go to personal info and make sure your birthday is put in. Just a reminder you have to have a least one star in your account (so one purchase) if you want a free drink on your birthday.

not my photo

Culver’s scoop of custard

To get a free scoop of custard just join MyCulvers and make sure to put in your birthday. Here is the link.

Not my photo

Nothing bunt Cake Buntlet

All you have to do to get this is sign up for their emails. Just go to this link and sign up. But it’s only for people who are ages 13 and older.

not my photo

McDonald’s Cinnamon roll, Apple fritter, or blueberry muffin(you choose one)

I just recently got the cinnamon roll and it is surprisingly good! All you have to do is get the app and add your birthday to it!

not my photo

Chick-fil-a Brownie

All you have to do to get a free chick-fil-a brownie is to get the app. Then on your birthday, they will give it to you.

That’s my favorite freebies to get on my birthday! Hope you enjoyed this post!


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