I just recently did a research project on guitars and I figured I would share it with you guys! If you did not know, I do play the guitar. You can here some songs that I have played on my YouTube channel, Raegan F. I chose guitars for my research project, because I felt like I did not know a lot about their background. So… Here is my reasearch project paper.

Guitars are a popular instrument played by many people. People enjoy playing guitar because it’s easy to play and sounds beautiful. 

They are part of the chordophones, a musical instrument that makes sound by plucking the strings. The body of the guitar is made of wood, such as spruce or cedar. The body of the guitar usually has pretty designs on them. People are very creative with the designs on them. The strings are either nylon or steel. On the very top of the guitar are these little nobs. Those are called pegs. You turn them to tune your guitar. 

The history of the guitar dates back a long time ago. Guitars were developed in Europe at the beginning of the 12th century. There are a lot of carvings with Egyptians holding an instrument that looks to be like a chordophone. The Egyptian carvings are probably one of the oldest pictures of the chordophone family. The guitar originally had four strings, C, F, A, and D. Around the 16th and 19th century it got six strings tuned to the notes of E, A, D, G, B, and E.

The acoustic guitars are one of the more popular guitars. Most people play chords on it because it is the easiest thing to do on it. Acoustic guitars have steel strings on them, which makes them sound different from other guitars. You have probably heard an acoustic guitar on a country song and southern gospel because they sound nice played with those types of songs. This instrument also sounds nice played with Christian, conservative songs.  

The classical guitar is a Spanish guitar, and it has bigger frets and has nylon strings. These guitars are usually finger-picking and not strummed. People tend to play solos on the classical guitar. 

The electric guitar was developed in the 1930s, but it became popular in the 1950s and 1960s. The electric guitar has a loud sonic sound to it. The electric guitar is played through a guitar amp. An amp (amplifier) is a speaker where you can plug in your guitar and control how loud you want your guitar to sound. The electric guitar is played with many different types of music genres, such as rock, pop, jazz, and more.

There are two main types of ways you can play the guitar. One of the easier ways to play the guitar would be strumming chords. Playing chords is pretty simple. All you have to do is put your fingers where they belong. For instance, for the chord G, you would put your first finger on the second fret, second string, put the second finger, third fret, first string, and fourth finger, third fret, sixth string. Once you have all of your fingers in place, you strum down and up. There is a lot of different ways you can strum, but the most popular is down, down, down, up, down. 

Another way you can play the guitar is by picking it. Picking the guitar is much harder than strumming it. You are constantly moving your figures to hit the right notes, unlike chords where you just hold your fingers on the right notes, and strum. 

The guitar is a great instrument to learn! It is a lot simpler than some instruments. Once you learn a couple of chords, you can play a lot of different songs. It’s also a lot more portable than a tuba or a piano. Overall, the guitar is a wonderful instrument to play. 

Hope you enjoyed reading it! And maybe learned something new!

Easy Ways to Make Money As a Teen

As a teen who has trouble trying to make money, I am going to share some easy ways to make money. These ways will not get you a ton of money, but you will earn some money by doing some of these.

Two Long-coated Brown and Black Dogs
All photos from
  • Babysitting Animals. If you love animals, and your parents like animals too, then this is a great way for you to make money. A lot of people have animals, and when they go on vacation, they will need someone to watch them. Maybe dogs are too much for you to handle. You could always watch rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and fish. Usually, with small animals, they like the person to come to their house to feed the animal every day and check on their water, which is not that much work. With this job, you could easily make 10 to 20 dollars.
Woman Holding Spoon Trying to Eat White Food
  • Market Research. Market research is where a company has you try different things. For example, sometimes they have you try on different cloth or have you eat something. When I did it, I ate cookies and answered questions at the comfort of my own home. And I made 35 dollars just by doing that.
Unrecognizable ethnic female therapist taking notes on clipboard while filling out form during psychological appointment with anonymous client lying on blurred background
  • Surveys. Surveys are where someone will ship you a magazine/book and you fill out all of the questions. I use MIR Simmons and they have specific books for each age. I filled out the teen one and made ten dollars.
  • Take what you’re good at and use that to make money. What I mean about that sentence is to use what you’re good at doing! Everyone has some ability that they really good at doing. For instance, say you are really good at art. You could make money by selling your portraits and paintings, and by teaching art to younger (or older) kids. Now, this is not the easiest way to make money, but if you enjoy doing art, it should not be too much of a hassle to paint a painting and sell it. The hardest part of that would probably be selling it. A way you could sell your portraits/paintings is to make a stand a the end of your driveway (with parent permission, of course) and try to get people to look at your paintings. You could even sell lemon aid while you are at it!

here are some examples of how you can use your talent/abilities to make money.

Selective Focus Photography of Woman Holding Dslr Camera
  • Photography. You could take picture of people for 20 to 50 dollars depending how good you are. You could also, sell your pictures on line.
Music Sheet on Organ
  • Music. Say you are really good at the flute, you could do music lessons and teach a beginner. You could also sell your music online.
Anonymous Asian kid showing command to dog while training outdoors
  • Animal trainer. If you love training animals you could help train other people’s animals for money. I think this would be a lot of fun, but I am not that good at training animals.πŸ˜…
Tennis Ball on Tennis Racket on Floor
  • Sports. You could teach little kids how to play a sport. I have done this before but not to earn money, just for fun.
Woman Wearing Red Top Holding Silver Macbook
  • Tech Savvy. If you are “Tech Savvy” then you could go to a person who needs help with their computer (or some electronic like that) and help figure out how to use it or try to answer questions they have. You could also design websites for people.

Those are just some talents I thought of. I know there is much more.

Photo of Hand Holding a Black Smartphone
  • Social Media. Now this is not a 100% guarantee that your going to make money by doing social media. A lot of teens now a days have social media, if you do have it why not make money off of it? On Instagram you do have to have 10,000 followers to start to make money, but if you try to make your photos look nice (or what ever you post) I am sure you could eventually reach to that goal. Now I do not have Instagram but that is what I have heard. Comment if you think/know if that is true.

Those are all of the tips I have for you guys! I hope you found them helpful. Have a nice day!

A Trip In Chicago

Just recently I went to Chicago for my 8th-grade graduation (I still don’t graduate till may though). My parents does a trip instead of big graduations for 8th grade.

On the way their. You can see the Series tower. No one calls it Willis. lol

We did a bunch of stuff. We first went to Chinatown and got bubble tea. After we got bubble tea we walked around, bought some souvenirs, and went to a bakery and got some goodies! (:

After that, we got in the car and headed to Millenium Park. The main reason we went there was to go to the bean, but it was blocked off with a fence so you could not go up to it.πŸ˜• So here are some pics of the bean. I have been to the bean before, but I was three.

You can see the fence. lol My dad thought it was because of all the snow (which is pretty much melted), but it is because of covid.
I know its pretty much the same pic, but you can see the top of the buildings.

After we went by the bean, we walked around.

you can see the melting, dirty snow.
On our way to nutella cafe!!
At nutella cafe!!
Here is the menu if you want to look at it. We all got something and shared it.
Nutella filled croissant. Nine out of ten, could have had more nutella in it.
Nutella crepe. Ten out of ten, it was sooo good! Definitely get it if you like crepes and nutella.
Nutella banana bread. Eight out of ten. Could have been better. It was a little dry.

We also got Nutella gelato but it was devoured so fast I could not get a pick of it. The gelato gets a ten out of ten. It was the best chocolate gelato I have had!

After we ate the food from Nutella cafe we headed back to our car. Then we got in the car and headed to Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Co. On the way there we passed the cubs stadium. Here are some pics.

Sorry the pictures aren’t that great. I was in a moving car when I was taking them.
At the restraunt!
That’s Mediterranean bread. SO GOOD!🀀
We all got the pizza pot pie!

Then from there we went home.

I hope you enjoyed looking at these photos! Have you been to Chicago? Have a nice day!

Why You Should Not Clip Your Bird’s Wings

I think every one know that birds fly, and that they need their wings to fly. When you get a pet bird usually they come clipped. Breeders do this to keep them safe. All it does is mess up there wings, and discourage them to fly. Birds are made to fly its like taking away your legs. I under stand that people do that way they wont fly away. The problem is, it usually does not work. All they need is a gush of wind and they can fly away.

If you are getting a bigger baby bird (like a macaw or an African grey), make sure the breeder does not clip there wings. when you clip a baby’s bird wings, they will not be able to learn how to fly right away. Its like when you were a baby you were leaning how to walk. Yes, you would fall but then you would get right back up. Same with birds. When there babies that is when they learn how to fly, and if you clip there wings they wont be able to fly. Sometimes the bird even hurts its self by trying to fly, because it thinks it just hast to try harder when really its because there wings are clipped.

If you do happen to get a clipped bird (like a budgie) usually there feathers will grow back. If the clipping is very bad sometimes they will not. Smaller birds tend to recover and try again, but bigger birds tend to not try again. Yes, sometimes they do recover but a lot of the times, they do not.

Maybe your like well, what do I do if I can’t clip the birds wings, and I don’t want the bird to fly away. Well, You can train your bird! Even budgies! The training you would do for them not to fly away, would be recall training. Recall training is when you call your bird and they come right away. Its pretty simple to teach them it just takes time and effort.

Here is a video if you would like to teach your bird to recall.

How to Teach Your Bird to Fly to You! | Parrot Flight Recall Training – YouTube

Here is a another video that talks more about why you should not clip your bird’s wings. She has a great bird YouTube channel. One of her birds (a budgie) flew out of the house but she had worked on recall training with the bird so he came back when she called him down from a tree. The rest of her birds she free flights. If you want to learn more about birds defiantly check out her channel.

Buyer Beware!!! (Choose a Breeder Carefully!) – YouTube

I hope you found this post informational! Have a nice day!

Illness In Rabbits | What to Do If They Show Illness

White and Brown Long-chaired Cat Focus Photography

In September ( I know it was a long time ago.) My rabbit, Foo Foo, got sick (she is better now (;) It was pretty bad, and it was the first time that she was really sick. Covid was still affecting a lot of people, and a lot of the vets that we called were not accepting new patients. She would not eat or drink, so we got a syringe to give her water (I’ll talk more about that in the post). Then finally, we found a place that could take her, and of course, when we got to the vet, she was acting fine.

Anyways, I am going to share some illnesses that rabbits can get and how you can help them if they are sick.

Different Illnesses

  1. GI (gut) Stasis. GI stasis is what we think my rabbit had. I was looking up her symptoms, and this is what seemed like she had. The first symptom was: she was not eating as much or drinking, she was laying in her litter box not moving very often (only to get a drink), her stomach was supper hard, (usually, she has a soft stomach) she was not pooping, and her stomach was making weird noises. SO pretty much her digestive system wasn’t working right, or you could say she was bloating. I tried to gently massage her stomach to get the gas out, but I could not tell a difference.
  2. Ear Infections. If your rabbit ear looks like it has a whole bunch of ear wax built up, then your rabbit could have an ear infection or ear mites. Some symptoms of an ear infection are: loss of appetite, their behavior is different, scratching their head, and cold symptoms.
  3. Head Tilt. Head tilt is just what it sounds like your rabbit’s head is tilted to the side, and if you don’t take them to the vet early, then it could be like that forever. The head tilt could be caused by an infection, head trauma (like getting hit on the head), parasites, and more.

What to do if Your Rabbit Starts Showing Signs of Illness

The best thing you could do is make an appointment with the vet. It’s best to take them to a vet rather then treating the rabbit yourself. Now I understand that vet appointments (especially for rabbits) can be very expensive. I would advise you to save about 100 dollars for your rabbit just in case they were to get sick. It does not cost 100 dollars for an appointment, but it does cost around 40 to 60 dollars. Then the vet may have to take x-rays or give you medicine, which could cost a lot of money. Trust me, saving your money, you will not regret doing that, even if it’s 20 or 50 dollars.

 If you can not get your rabbit into the vet right away, then the best thing to help is to syringe feed the rabbit. The most common symptom of an illness: is not eating or drinking, and you have to make sure that they are getting the nutrition that they need or they could possibly pass away sooner. Syringe feeding is pretty simple. Just put it near their mouth and push out a little. Do not push out too much, or they could end up choking. There are different foods you can put in the syringe. When I was feeding my rabbit through the syringe, I gave her apple sauce and water at first. Then I took her pellets and mashed them with water, and tried feeding the mushed pellets to her. Mashing up the food and adding water did not work very well. I found out that there is a special food that you can give to your rabbit, and it has all the nutrition it needs by just feeding a little to them. If you do not have a syringe, I would defiantly recommend getting it to have just in case. If you travel with your rabbit, this is a great way to give them water when you are in the car. 

Again the best thing to do is get your rabbit into the vet. Your vet will know what is wrong. There is also a lot more information online. I would also recommend watching some YouTube videos as well. They usually have a lot of information.

I hope this post helped if your rabbit is sick. I know what it is like when your pet is sick and its horrible. If you have any more tips please go ahead and comment. I would love to hear what you do when your rabbit is sick.

If you enjoyed reading this post, check out my other rabbit post.

“God Is So Good” Played on Guitar + Why I Made My YouTube

Hope your day is going well! A couple days a go I made another YouTube video. I played “God Is So Good” on guitar. Here is the link if you want to listen to it. Its only about 31 seconds.

I self taught the song to my self because I don’t have a teacher and it just comes to me sometimes. lol I did take lessons for a summer, and then I just taught my self more chords, and stuff like that.

I would like to post some piano songs soon. I am not the greatest which is kinda why I am posting these videos. I want to keep track of my progress I make with guitar, piano, and maybe someday a new instrument. I have been playing piano since I was about 7 or 8 and then my piano teacher went to college. I got a new one and she went to college as well but she came back in the summers. My family decided that we would just do lessons in the summer. BUT now she got married and is probably not going to come back very often (sorry for the long story XD). Then my first piano teacher came back to the area I lived, and now I am doing piano lessons with her. Now you know my piano history. lol

Anyways, I am hoping to post some piano content, and my maybe a video of my rabbit doing her cute jumps.

Hope you enjoyed listing to “God Is So Good”. Also, keep your eye out for some piano content or who know what else I am going to post. lol

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy valentines day every one! I hope you are having a “lovely” day! Today I went to my church in the morning, then me and my family are just going to stay home.

That’s what I am doing but I made a cake for my Awana group, and a healthy cake.

This cake is chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I put heart candies for decoration.
This cake is the healthy cake. It is also chocolate with chocolate keto mousse on top. I don’t know why it looks like there is a big crack on top.

Have a nice day!

How To Stay Safe on the Internet

This will probably change. lol

I hope your day is going well! Today I am going to share some tips on how to stay safe on the internet. The internet can be a dangerous place. There are a lot of bad people out there who could steal your identity, track you down, and probably more things. That is why I am sharing these tips. Some of the things I am sharing are just extra pro-cation, but you should be okay if you do it.

  1. Don’t share your address.Β I would hope a lot of people know not to do this, but I know this could happen by accident, as well. I feel like everyone should learn this at a young age, even if they don’t have social media or a blog. I know a lot of people do giveaways and usually if you win you have to share your address. I think giveaways are great just ask your parent before if its okay to do it.
  2. If you are not sure about something, don’t do it.Β If someone is asking a question that you aren’t sure that you want to answer, then don’t answer. Block the comment or if the person is really creeping you out, then block them too. It’s okay to block people from your blog if they are being weirdly creepy. This also falls in with your post. If you post a picture or anything that you are unsure about, then just don’t post it. You can always write different posts.
  3. Make sure your passwords are strong.Β When I say make them strong, don’t make it your old school name, than the date you were born. WordPress and a lot of other sites will give you a password generator, you can use that. Sure the passwords are really long and hard to memorize, but it will be hard for people to get into your account.
  4. Make your blog/social media private.Β This one I don’t do but if you want to be extra safe and keep track of who reads your blog/social media this is a great way to do it. You can still see who follows your blog even if you are not private.
  5. Don’t share your personal information.Β I could not think of a different way to put this, but pretty much don’t share your last name, pictures of you, pictures of your family, what school you go to, and what church you go to. Now sharing pictures of you and your family, is very optional. I know a lot of people do, but I don’t. I am not allowed till I am 18 (I think), and I am just trying to stay extra safe. Also, if you are under the age of 18, you should ask your parents if you should put a picture of you, before you post it.

I hope you found these tips helpful! How do you stay safe on the internet?

Got a LOT of Snow… | Snow Pictures

If you can tell by the title, I got a lot (or should I say ton) of snow. We got about a foot of snow. I know the people in Alaska and other colder places are like, “That’s nothing”! Well, for where I live, we have not gotten this much snow in years. Here are some pics of the snow.

That is a tree stump and you can see how much snow is on it.
This is my drive way (its much longer than this) and you can see the piles of snow shoveled to the side. Me, my Dad and my Brother shoveled our driveway.
You can see how heavy the snow is on the tree
That is a foot print. Lean your head to the left. (;
Here is a pic of my Dunkin’ scarf I got for Christmas.❀️

Those are all of the photos! I hope you enjoyed looking at them! I want to take more pics some where else, so keep your eye out for more snow pics. Which pic was your favorite?

My Profile Pictures Through The Years

Hello! This post might be a different post, but I have never seen anyone do this, so I thought I would share some of my profile pics and a bit about them. If you did not know, I LOVE changing my profile picture. I have changed my profile picture 54 times on my Gmail! I will not be sharing all of the pics, because there is a lot. Here are some of my profile pictures. Prepare yourself to see a lot of animals. lol

This picture is the second profile picture I chose, and I was about ten, so it makes sense why I would choose this. lol

This picture is a cropped photo of collies. lol I use to be obsessed with collies. I still like them but not as much as I did then.

I am guessing I chose this photo around the time I was starting horseback riding. At that time, I liked horses, so that is why this horse got in.

I use to LOVE cats like cats were all I talked about, but I grew out of that phase. Probably chose this right before I quit being obsessed with cats.

This was my duck named bubbles (I called him bubba). I hatched him, another duck, and chicks. I gave him and the other duck to my aunt’s friends (who already had ducks), but he and the other duck sadly passed away from dogs. πŸ˜• I choose this one because I loved (still do) ducks, specifically bubba.

This is a picture of my crazy dog! 😜 He likes to dig into the couch so that is why his hair is crazy, but his hair is always crazy. lol

Finally a picture of my rabbit! This is my rabbit Foo Foo (if your new to my blogπŸ˜‰). She is my pet, I have had her since I was 8, and she is still alive.

This is my grandparents’ old cow. She was my favorite calf. So that is why I had it for my profile picture. It’s my discord profile picture right now.πŸ˜‚

Another side photo shoot of my head. XD

These two chickens are the chicks I mentioned I hatched. The first one was a black/grey chicken named chicken little, even though it was a girl. The second one is ΠΊΡƒΡ€ΠΈΡ†Π°, (pronounced kuritsa) it is chicken in Russian. I called him bubba and chief. lol

I like tangled (specifically tangled the series), and that is why I chose these profile pic. The third one was just my profile pic not too long ago, I have short brown hair so that is why I like that photo.


Lastly my profile picture now. πŸ™‚ This is my bitmoji and I really like it so that is why I use it.

I know this post was a bit longer for mine, but I hope you enjoyed looking at or reading about each one of them. Would you do this kind of post? Do you like to change your profile pics? Have a nice day!

My Travel Essentials

Hello everyone! Today I am going to share my travel essentials. I have only been on a couple of long trips, but about once or every two months, me and my family will take about a two-hour trip to see friends or family. So here are my travel essentials!

Brown Leather Crossbody Bag With White Framed Sunglasses
  • Purse/backpack. This is usually what I put all of my things inside. I usually bring a bigger purse or a backpack with a smaller purse inside.
Person Holding Black Ipad
  • My Tablet. I still don’t have my own phone yet (I share with my brother), so I bring my tablet to play offline games. I still love to play video games. I like to play Mine Craft, color switch, best friends (I’m stuck on that game right now lol), and a lot more. lol The tablet is a great time passer, but if I am on it for a long time, I will get a headache.
  • Gum. I love chewing on gum. My parents buys the big pack of gum from Costco, because my whole family loves gum too. Defiantly an necessity. lol jk
Close-up Photography Two Brown Cards
  •  Cash/Gift Cards. I am not the type of person who likes to spend their money right away. Don’t get me wrong, I do love spending money but not right away, so usually, I will have some money saved for a trip to buy souvenirs. Gift cards are great for longer trips because if I want something to drink or eat, I don’t have to worry about cash. My parents do pay for my food but say if I want a drink (that’s not water) then I would pay for it. I save my gift cards for a long time for traveling.
Person Holding a lip balm
  • Chap Stick. Its seems like when ever I go on a trip my lips are always chap. One time I went to San Diego and I, my mom, and my grandma’s lips were chap and we all had no chap stick, so we went to Costco and bought a pack of chap stick.
Silver Ring on White Plastic Bottle
  • Water Bottle. I have been bringing my hydro flask on trips because it keeps the water cold for 24 hrs and it is amazing! I try not to drink too much but then again if I don’t drink enough water I will get a head ache. lol
Close-up Photography of Fawn Pug Covered With Brown Cloth
Isn’t the dog so cute!
  • Blanket. I would not bring this on an airplane (endless its really long but I’v never been on a really long airplane trip) but defiantly in the car! My family usually takes trips in winter because that is when my dad is off of work, So it is usually cold, that is why I would bring a blanket.
Woman Wearing Brown Leather Jacket and Black Pants
This is not me. lol All of these photos are from Pexels.
  • Jacket. This ties along with the blanket, its cold, so I would defiantly need this.

Those are all of my main travel essentials! I hope you enjoyed reading this post!

Fudgy Chocolate Brownie Cookies| A Must try!

If you love Chocolate cookies and brownies, you have to try this recipe! I have made it about 3 times so far and its SO GOOD! Its not dry at all and very chocolaty.

Here is the link.

Here are some pics of the cookie!

My dog is in the background. Photo bomber! lol
This is what the inside looks like right out of the oven. SO GOOD!🀀
It was really hard taking this picture with one hand. lol

Defiantly check out this recipe. It makes about 16 cookies. Also its really easy to make, and there is no complex ingredients. Have a nice day!

Why Birds Should Have Natural Perches

Hello! Today’s post is why birds should have natural perches. Now, I do not have my own bird, but I have done a lot of research on birds because I would like to own a bird some day.

Selective Focus Photo of a Caged Orange and Yellow Baby Parrot Perched on Branch

When you get a bird cage for your bird, they usually come with wood dowels for you bird to perch on. Well… those are not very good for your birds feet. The reason why is because your bird’s feet need to be constantly moving in different positions, and if you look at a dowels they are smooth and don’t have any texture or bumps to them. If you think about the birds in the wild, they are constantly moving from different tree branches, and not all tree branches are the same identical. Now you may be wondering, why should your birds feet be constantly moving around? If there feet are in one position for a long time they could get arthritus, tendonitis, atrophy and more.

Two Orange-and-blue Macaws on Branch
These blue and gold macaws are so pretty!😍

If your bird does have dowel perches there is time to change that. You can get a set of natural perches cheap on amazon. Here are some links. : PINVNBY Natural Bird Wood Perch Parakeet Standing Toy Sticks Parrot Paw Grinding Branches Cockatiels Cage Chewable Accessories for Conures Macaws Finches 6 Pack : Pet Supplies : EBaokuup Bird Parrot Perch Stand Set – 10 PCS Parakeet Bird Parrot Natural Wood Fork Perch Rod Stand for Pet Budgies Cockatiels Conure Lovebirds : Pet Supplies : Seasonsky 6 PCS Natural Wood Bird Perch Stand Toys, Paw Grinding Stick Parrot Stand Wood Perches and Bird Parrot Swing Chewing, Bird Toys Suitable for Small Parakeets, Finches, Budgie, Macaws : Pet Supplies

Your bird also needs a flat perch, because the flat perch lets your bird’s feet rest. : MAIYUAN bird cage accessories, Bird Perch, wood Parrot Platform for Bird Cages 2pcs 4”-4.7” : Pet Supplies : Colorful Bird Perch Stand Platform Natural Wood Playground Paw Grinding Clean for Pet Parrot Budgies Parakeet Cockatiels Conure Lovebirds Rat Mouse Cage Accessories Exercise Toys (Random) : Pet Supplies

This one is good for grinding there nails.πŸ‘†

If you are interested in getting a bird this set comes with every thing you would need (not including food). Then all you would have to get would be the proper sized cage and obviously the bird.

Elle’s Avian Essentials Store β€” Elle and the Birds

If you do not want to spend money on buying more perches, you could take the dowels and add bumps and cuts with a knife. Be safe while doing this with a knife.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Do you have a bird?

Snow Pictures

It’s been snowing since January first, or I could say all year long.😜 Sure it’s only January third, but it’s still is a lot of snow. We got two inches of snow last night, and the rest of the days the weather was like this wet, icy snow. Now our long driveway is a sheet of ice.πŸ™‚ The snow is not bad at all for snowboarding and sledding. I did some snowboarding yesterday, but I shoveled before I did it, so I only snowboarded for 10 minutes. Anyway, here are the pictures!

I’m going to start of by showing some pictures of trees.
I live sourended by a forest. (:
A mini snow man.
Yes, the two photos are different. lol
My foot prints.
This snow is packing snow. You will see in the next photo because will squish it. xD
This type of snow makes the perfect snow balls.
If you can see here, this is just part of our drive way that I, my younger brother, and my dad shoveled. Cant really tell that the drive way is ice. The ice is already starting to melt.

I hope you enjoyed looking at these photos of snow. Have a nice day!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!! I hope you had a great last year if not then I hope this year will be better for you and everyone else.

I know with Corona Virus, it has been hard for some people. I’ll be honest I don’t think it will go away this year. I do hope it settles down though. Last year was the 8th worst year of American history. A lot of people put it number one because some of them have not been alive for a long time. It is like people have forgotten the great depression and how bad that was. We just have to remember that whatever happens this year and all of the other years, God is in control and we don’t have to worry.

I hope you enjoyed reading this little post! I am not trying to offend anyone. I’m just putting my honest opinion. Have a Great year!

What Type of Pets I Would Want in The Future

Hello! Today I am going to share what type of pets I want in the future. What I mean by future, is like when I am done with college, etc.

Picture of an Australian collie dog
  1. A Dog. I would love to have my own dog one day but I still don’t know what type of breed is for me. I like border collies and collies, but I would love to rescue older dogs too. A lot of people don’t want older dogs and only want puppies, but older dogs are just as fun and great as puppies. It is not wrong at all to get puppies, it’s just older dogs don’t get adopted as often just because of their age. I can talk more about that in another post lol, but overall I will defiantly want a dog.
White Bird Perched on Cage
The only thing about this pic is the plastic perch. Birds really should not have those. They should have natural perches that will not give them bumblefoot (an infection). There are a ton of videos on YouTube if you want to learn more.
  1. A Bird. I have been looking and researching birds for a good amount of time, and I would like to get a bird, but they live so long and if I want to go to college I don’t know who would take it. Anyway, I would like a smaller bird, probably a cockatiel. I keep changing my mine first it was a blue-throated macaw then it was an African grey, so who knows if I will ever get one. lol
Goat and Kid on Grass
There so cute! I love the ones that are black and white. I pretty much like all of them though. lol
  1. Sheep. I love sheep. I love the way they look and act, and they are just so cute! This is a big maybe though because I would need land. If I were to get sheep I would either breed and sell, sell the wool, or just have like five as pets. This is when a sheepdog would come in handy. lol
Four Assorted-color Roosters
  1. Chickens. My grandparents have chickens and they are very nice pets to have. Some people may not consider a chicken or a sheep as a pet, but for me I would probably treat them like one. XD I hatched chicks one time and they were the cutest things ever! I wanted to just keep them as pets but obviously they had to stay outside.
White and Black Rabbit on Gray Textile
This is not my rabbit. All of these are from Pexels.
  1. A rabbit. I have a rabbit now, so I would defiantly want another one in the future. I love rabbits’ personalities and how soft and snuggly they are! I would probably only get one or two.

Believe it or not, those are all of the animals I want in the future. I may not even want some of these one day, or I will want more. XD And yes, I know they cost a lot of money and time. xd Have a nice day!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!!! I can’t believe that it is Christmas already!

Today I and my family are going to wake up eat cinnamon rollsπŸ˜‹ and open presents! Then we will hang out probably play some video games. Around dinner time my grandparents will come over and we will eat turkey and a bunch of other delicious foods! Then we will just hang out the rest of the day. (:

Here are some pics

Some chew toys for rebel.
Rebels toys he got.
Foo foo got four of these balls with confetti inside.
I made my self some iced coffee. I will share that recipe soon. (;
This is a eggnog cup. And my hands are red because of the sun light. lol

Don’t forget the true meaning of Christmas! Jesus came to earth as a baby and died for us that way we to can go to heaven! Have a great Christmas!

Silent Night Played on Guitar

Merry Christmas Eve (I don’t know how to put that.πŸ˜‚)! Here is me playing Silent Night on Guitar. This song believe it or not was harder to play because there is a lot more moving around. Also, it makes this wired noise off of the wires when I pluck them. If your good at guitar and you have some advice how to not make that sound, I will gladly except your advice.

Here is the video.

Hope you enjoyed it!