My Profile Pictures Through The Years

Hello! This post might be a different post, but I have never seen anyone do this, so I thought I would share some of my profile pics and a bit about them. If you did not know, I LOVE changing my profile picture. I have changed my profile picture 54 times on my Gmail! I will not be sharing all of the pics, because there is a lot. Here are some of my profile pictures. Prepare yourself to see a lot of animals. lol

This picture is the second profile picture I chose, and I was about ten, so it makes sense why I would choose this. lol

This picture is a cropped photo of collies. lol I use to be obsessed with collies. I still like them but not as much as I did then.

I am guessing I chose this photo around the time I was starting horseback riding. At that time, I liked horses, so that is why this horse got in.

I use to LOVE cats like cats were all I talked about, but I grew out of that phase. Probably chose this right before I quit being obsessed with cats.

This was my duck named bubbles (I called him bubba). I hatched him, another duck, and chicks. I gave him and the other duck to my aunt’s friends (who already had ducks), but he and the other duck sadly passed away from dogs. πŸ˜• I choose this one because I loved (still do) ducks, specifically bubba.

This is a picture of my crazy dog! 😜 He likes to dig into the couch so that is why his hair is crazy, but his hair is always crazy. lol

Finally a picture of my rabbit! This is my rabbit Foo Foo (if your new to my blogπŸ˜‰). She is my pet, I have had her since I was 8, and she is still alive.

This is my grandparents’ old cow. She was my favorite calf. So that is why I had it for my profile picture. It’s my discord profile picture right now.πŸ˜‚

Another side photo shoot of my head. XD

These two chickens are the chicks I mentioned I hatched. The first one was a black/grey chicken named chicken little, even though it was a girl. The second one is ΠΊΡƒΡ€ΠΈΡ†Π°, (pronounced kuritsa) it is chicken in Russian. I called him bubba and chief. lol

I like tangled (specifically tangled the series), and that is why I chose these profile pic. The third one was just my profile pic not too long ago, I have short brown hair so that is why I like that photo.


Lastly my profile picture now. πŸ™‚ This is my bitmoji and I really like it so that is why I use it.

I know this post was a bit longer for mine, but I hope you enjoyed looking at or reading about each one of them. Would you do this kind of post? Do you like to change your profile pics? Have a nice day!

My Travel Essentials

Hello everyone! Today I am going to share my travel essentials. I have only been on a couple of long trips, but about once or every two months, me and my family will take about a two-hour trip to see friends or family. So here are my travel essentials!

Brown Leather Crossbody Bag With White Framed Sunglasses
  • Purse/backpack. This is usually what I put all of my things inside. I usually bring a bigger purse or a backpack with a smaller purse inside.
Person Holding Black Ipad
  • My Tablet. I still don’t have my own phone yet (I share with my brother), so I bring my tablet to play offline games. I still love to play video games. I like to play Mine Craft, color switch, best friends (I’m stuck on that game right now lol), and a lot more. lol The tablet is a great time passer, but if I am on it for a long time, I will get a headache.
  • Gum. I love chewing on gum. My parents buys the big pack of gum from Costco, because my whole family loves gum too. Defiantly an necessity. lol jk
Close-up Photography Two Brown Cards
  •  Cash/Gift Cards. I am not the type of person who likes to spend their money right away. Don’t get me wrong, I do love spending money but not right away, so usually, I will have some money saved for a trip to buy souvenirs. Gift cards are great for longer trips because if I want something to drink or eat, I don’t have to worry about cash. My parents do pay for my food but say if I want a drink (that’s not water) then I would pay for it. I save my gift cards for a long time for traveling.
Person Holding a lip balm
  • Chap Stick. Its seems like when ever I go on a trip my lips are always chap. One time I went to San Diego and I, my mom, and my grandma’s lips were chap and we all had no chap stick, so we went to Costco and bought a pack of chap stick.
Silver Ring on White Plastic Bottle
  • Water Bottle. I have been bringing my hydro flask on trips because it keeps the water cold for 24 hrs and it is amazing! I try not to drink too much but then again if I don’t drink enough water I will get a head ache. lol
Close-up Photography of Fawn Pug Covered With Brown Cloth
Isn’t the dog so cute!
  • Blanket. I would not bring this on an airplane (endless its really long but I’v never been on a really long airplane trip) but defiantly in the car! My family usually takes trips in winter because that is when my dad is off of work, So it is usually cold, that is why I would bring a blanket.
Woman Wearing Brown Leather Jacket and Black Pants
This is not me. lol All of these photos are from Pexels.
  • Jacket. This ties along with the blanket, its cold, so I would defiantly need this.

Those are all of my main travel essentials! I hope you enjoyed reading this post!

Fudgy Chocolate Brownie Cookies| A Must try!

If you love Chocolate cookies and brownies, you have to try this recipe! I have made it about 3 times so far and its SO GOOD! Its not dry at all and very chocolaty.

Here is the link.

Here are some pics of the cookie!

My dog is in the background. Photo bomber! lol
This is what the inside looks like right out of the oven. SO GOOD!🀀
It was really hard taking this picture with one hand. lol

Defiantly check out this recipe. It makes about 16 cookies. Also its really easy to make, and there is no complex ingredients. Have a nice day!

Why Birds Should Have Natural Perches

Hello! Today’s post is why birds should have natural perches. Now, I do not have my own bird, but I have done a lot of research on birds because I would like to own a bird some day.

Selective Focus Photo of a Caged Orange and Yellow Baby Parrot Perched on Branch

When you get a bird cage for your bird, they usually come with wood dowels for you bird to perch on. Well… those are not very good for your birds feet. The reason why is because your bird’s feet need to be constantly moving in different positions, and if you look at a dowels they are smooth and don’t have any texture or bumps to them. If you think about the birds in the wild, they are constantly moving from different tree branches, and not all tree branches are the same identical. Now you may be wondering, why should your birds feet be constantly moving around? If there feet are in one position for a long time they could get arthritus, tendonitis, atrophy and more.

Two Orange-and-blue Macaws on Branch
These blue and gold macaws are so pretty!😍

If your bird does have dowel perches there is time to change that. You can get a set of natural perches cheap on amazon. Here are some links. : PINVNBY Natural Bird Wood Perch Parakeet Standing Toy Sticks Parrot Paw Grinding Branches Cockatiels Cage Chewable Accessories for Conures Macaws Finches 6 Pack : Pet Supplies : EBaokuup Bird Parrot Perch Stand Set – 10 PCS Parakeet Bird Parrot Natural Wood Fork Perch Rod Stand for Pet Budgies Cockatiels Conure Lovebirds : Pet Supplies : Seasonsky 6 PCS Natural Wood Bird Perch Stand Toys, Paw Grinding Stick Parrot Stand Wood Perches and Bird Parrot Swing Chewing, Bird Toys Suitable for Small Parakeets, Finches, Budgie, Macaws : Pet Supplies

Your bird also needs a flat perch, because the flat perch lets your bird’s feet rest. : MAIYUAN bird cage accessories, Bird Perch, wood Parrot Platform for Bird Cages 2pcs 4”-4.7” : Pet Supplies : Colorful Bird Perch Stand Platform Natural Wood Playground Paw Grinding Clean for Pet Parrot Budgies Parakeet Cockatiels Conure Lovebirds Rat Mouse Cage Accessories Exercise Toys (Random) : Pet Supplies

This one is good for grinding there nails.πŸ‘†

If you are interested in getting a bird this set comes with every thing you would need (not including food). Then all you would have to get would be the proper sized cage and obviously the bird.

Elle’s Avian Essentials Store β€” Elle and the Birds

If you do not want to spend money on buying more perches, you could take the dowels and add bumps and cuts with a knife. Be safe while doing this with a knife.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Do you have a bird?

Snow Pictures

It’s been snowing since January first, or I could say all year long.😜 Sure it’s only January third, but it’s still is a lot of snow. We got two inches of snow last night, and the rest of the days the weather was like this wet, icy snow. Now our long driveway is a sheet of ice.πŸ™‚ The snow is not bad at all for snowboarding and sledding. I did some snowboarding yesterday, but I shoveled before I did it, so I only snowboarded for 10 minutes. Anyway, here are the pictures!

I’m going to start of by showing some pictures of trees.
I live sourended by a forest. (:
A mini snow man.
Yes, the two photos are different. lol
My foot prints.
This snow is packing snow. You will see in the next photo because will squish it. xD
This type of snow makes the perfect snow balls.
If you can see here, this is just part of our drive way that I, my younger brother, and my dad shoveled. Cant really tell that the drive way is ice. The ice is already starting to melt.

I hope you enjoyed looking at these photos of snow. Have a nice day!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!! I hope you had a great last year if not then I hope this year will be better for you and everyone else.

I know with Corona Virus, it has been hard for some people. I’ll be honest I don’t think it will go away this year. I do hope it settles down though. Last year was the 8th worst year of American history. A lot of people put it number one because some of them have not been alive for a long time. It is like people have forgotten the great depression and how bad that was. We just have to remember that whatever happens this year and all of the other years, God is in control and we don’t have to worry.

I hope you enjoyed reading this little post! I am not trying to offend anyone. I’m just putting my honest opinion. Have a Great year!

What Type of Pets I Would Want in The Future

Hello! Today I am going to share what type of pets I want in the future. What I mean by future, is like when I am done with college, etc.

Picture of an Australian collie dog
  1. A Dog. I would love to have my own dog one day but I still don’t know what type of breed is for me. I like border collies and collies, but I would love to rescue older dogs too. A lot of people don’t want older dogs and only want puppies, but older dogs are just as fun and great as puppies. It is not wrong at all to get puppies, it’s just older dogs don’t get adopted as often just because of their age. I can talk more about that in another post lol, but overall I will defiantly want a dog.
White Bird Perched on Cage
The only thing about this pic is the plastic perch. Birds really should not have those. They should have natural perches that will not give them bumblefoot (an infection). There are a ton of videos on YouTube if you want to learn more.
  1. A Bird. I have been looking and researching birds for a good amount of time, and I would like to get a bird, but they live so long and if I want to go to college I don’t know who would take it. Anyway, I would like a smaller bird, probably a cockatiel. I keep changing my mine first it was a blue-throated macaw then it was an African grey, so who knows if I will ever get one. lol
Goat and Kid on Grass
There so cute! I love the ones that are black and white. I pretty much like all of them though. lol
  1. Sheep. I love sheep. I love the way they look and act, and they are just so cute! This is a big maybe though because I would need land. If I were to get sheep I would either breed and sell, sell the wool, or just have like five as pets. This is when a sheepdog would come in handy. lol
Four Assorted-color Roosters
  1. Chickens. My grandparents have chickens and they are very nice pets to have. Some people may not consider a chicken or a sheep as a pet, but for me I would probably treat them like one. XD I hatched chicks one time and they were the cutest things ever! I wanted to just keep them as pets but obviously they had to stay outside.
White and Black Rabbit on Gray Textile
This is not my rabbit. All of these are from Pexels.
  1. A rabbit. I have a rabbit now, so I would defiantly want another one in the future. I love rabbits’ personalities and how soft and snuggly they are! I would probably only get one or two.

Believe it or not, those are all of the animals I want in the future. I may not even want some of these one day, or I will want more. XD And yes, I know they cost a lot of money and time. xd Have a nice day!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!!! I can’t believe that it is Christmas already!

Today I and my family are going to wake up eat cinnamon rollsπŸ˜‹ and open presents! Then we will hang out probably play some video games. Around dinner time my grandparents will come over and we will eat turkey and a bunch of other delicious foods! Then we will just hang out the rest of the day. (:

Here are some pics

Some chew toys for rebel.
Rebels toys he got.
Foo foo got four of these balls with confetti inside.
I made my self some iced coffee. I will share that recipe soon. (;
This is a eggnog cup. And my hands are red because of the sun light. lol

Don’t forget the true meaning of Christmas! Jesus came to earth as a baby and died for us that way we to can go to heaven! Have a great Christmas!

Silent Night Played on Guitar

Merry Christmas Eve (I don’t know how to put that.πŸ˜‚)! Here is me playing Silent Night on Guitar. This song believe it or not was harder to play because there is a lot more moving around. Also, it makes this wired noise off of the wires when I pluck them. If your good at guitar and you have some advice how to not make that sound, I will gladly except your advice.

Here is the video.

Hope you enjoyed it!

It’s The First Day of Winter!

Hey everyone! Happy first day of winter! There is still no snow where I live, but we should get some soon (like after Christmas lol). Here are a few things I would like to do this winter!

  1. Go Ice Skating. I am going to go soon, and I am excited! I have never been ice skating, but I have been roller skating. I use to go roller skating once a month, and it was a homeschooler roller skate where they would open up the rank during the day and let the homeschooler skate. They sadly closed it. So yes, I am excited to do this; not sure if I will be any good at it. πŸ˜‚
  2. Sled/Snowboard. I live on a hill, and it is perfect for sledding. I want to get better at snowboarding, it’s just every time I do it, I will fall on my knees (no big deal) and have bruises for the next couple of days. So I am hoping to get better at that.
  3. Bake more. I have so far done a lot of baking, but I can’t bake a lot in the summer because my house will heat up when it’s summer, and it does not need to be any warmer. lol My dad just bought a sourdough starter kit, so I am excited to bake that!

Those are all the things! I know its not a lot, but I’ll still be doing a lot of stuff during the winter. Have a nice day!

Christmas Decorations + My Favorite Christmas Movies

Hello! Today I am going to be sharing some of my Christmas decoration and my favorite Christmas movies.

  • Elf. I love this movie so much. I have watched it over and over again. lol
  • Home Alone two. Home alone two is my favorite out of the Home Alones.
  • Home Alone. Of course I like the first one too!
  • Muppet’s Christmas Carol. I actually got this movie for my dad like a long time ago, like it was on a VHS. lol
  • It’s a Very Merry Muppet Christmas. I have seen this movie so many times, overall its a pretty good Muppet movie. Not the best out of the Muppets though.
He isn’t a decoration, but here is a pic of my dog. lol His tail is wagging that is why it is blurry.

Sorry this post was so short. Have a nice day!

Chocolate Peppermint Frappuccino

For today’s Christmas post, I am going to share how to make a chocolate peppermint frappuccino! You can get these at Starbucks, but since I have not been going there (and they’re very pricey) I have not had any. So I made this recipe that way I don’t have to go there to get it. This drink is easy to make, and almost everyone has these ingredients.

1 serving


  • 6 table spoons of milk (I use almond milk)
  • 1 Cup of Ice
  • 1/2 teaspoon peppermint extract
  • 3 teaspoons cocoa powder
  • 6 tablespoons chocolate chips (you can add as many as you would like)
  • (optional) Sugar/Healthy sugar 1 tablespoon

Add all of your ingredients into a blender. Then blend it all. If the ice still will not blend, try adding a little bit of milk and mix it around. If you still have little chunks, you could always take out the chunks and drink the rest. Also, if the drink is not sweet enough for you, then you can add some sugar and blend again. Now add your favorite toppings! I like whipped cream and chocolate chips.

our event calendar is in the background. (:
I decided to put it into a little cup because we did not have a lot of whipped cream.

I hope you enjoy this recipe! Do you like Chocolate Peppermint Frappuccino?

Christmas Themed Photos of My Rabbit

Hello! Todays Christmas post is pics of my rabbit! Specifically Christmas themed pics. In some of the pics she is in a Christmas tree costume.πŸŽ„

DISCLAIMER: She is not in the dress all day long it is just for pictures. She also does not mind being in it.
Here is what it looks like from the top.
I know, the ears are not showing. lol
Here she is by the manger!
Her saying BYE BYE! lol
And lastly, a close up pic!πŸ™‚ (the phone was not right up to here, I zoomed in. (: )

I hope you enjoyed looking at the photos!

Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Dad

Hello! Hope your enjoying this Christmas month!πŸ˜‰

Dads can be hard to shop for sometimes. Its hard cause you do not want to get him his favorite candy for the fourth time.πŸ™„ I came up with a 30 ideas, and a lot of them are cheap.

Here are the ideas!

  1. Blankets
  2. Ties
  3. Cool socks
  4. Pajamas
  5. Coffee mug
  6. Pillow
  7. Shirts with funny sayings
  8. Coffee grounds
  9. Wallet
  10. Hot sauce
  11. Beef Jerky
  12. Laptop case
  13. Pens
  14. Earbuds
  15. Base ball cap
  16. Beanie
  17. Google mini or blue tooth speaker
  18. What A Start! What A Finish! By Fred Kuypers (My Opa)
  19. Costume Mouse-pad
  20. Guitar Picks
  21. Nice Golf Balls
  22. Chocolate covered bacon
  23. Fishing supplies
  24. Seat cushion
  25. A photo of you!😁
  26. Chocolate covered espressos beans
  27. A Watch
  28. A movie he always talks about. 🀭
  29. A two liter of your dads favorite pop.
  30. Computer mouse

Those are all thirty! I hope this gave you an idea of what to get for your dad!

Free Christmas Computer Backgrounds

HellO!😁 Today I am sharing some free Christmas Computer backgrounds. Again, they are completely free you do not have to do anything to take them. All you have to do is download it then put it for you background on your computer.

Here they are!

That’s all the ones I made! Again they are free to use! Have a great day!

“Away In A Manger” Played On Guitar

Hi everyone! Today’s Christmas post is very special because I am going to share “Away in a Manger” on guitar played by me! I Played it myself and taught myself the song too (no help from anyone). The video is less than a minute, so hopefully, you all can listen to it! Also, don’t forget to check the description at the bottom of the song. (; Here is the song!

“Away in a Manger” Played on Guitar – YouTube

I hope you enjoyed it! I am hoping to do more in the future and maybe even another Christmas song.

Things To Get Teen Girls For Christmas

Today’s Christmas post is things to get teen girls for Christmas. I am a teen and a girl if you did not know. This is kind of like my Christmas list, except not all of the things I did not ask for because I have some of them. This list will hopefully give everyone ideas whether it is what to put on your Christmas list or you’re a parent, and you don’t know what to get your teen girl. Here is the list!

  • Cute laptop stickers
  • a Hydro flask (I have one and I love it! Defiantly recommend it!)
  • Wireless Headphones or Earbuds
  • Aviator Glasses
  • A Ukulele ( Its really easy to learn, trust me.)
  • Subscriptions to Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, and Spotify premium.
  • Nail Polish
  • Fake Nails
  • Fairy Lights
  • LED Lights
  • LED Photo Clip
Dopheuor LED Photo Clip Copper String Lights Starry Fairy Warm White Lights Battery Powered for Hang Pictures Cards Bedroom Wall Decorations Christmas Patio Halloween Thanksgiving Wedding Party DΓ©cor
  • Adidas sweat pants or any sweat pants.
  • Chocolate
  • Phone (This would be a great present, trust me anyone would love this.) I want the S10. lol
  • A hammock chair for there room or outside.
  • Gift cards like, Starbucks, Dunkin, Amazon, Petsmart, Target, and Clair’s. I might be the only one who likes Clair’s though. πŸ˜‚
  • Sweatshirts
  • Fuzzy, warm blankets (Cant go wrong with those!)
The Original Sherpa Company Luxury Throw Blanket, 65x50 Size, Super Soft Reversible Faux Fur Underside, Warm Hypoallergeni...
  • Cute Mugs
  • A new comforter set
  • Switch or Switch Lite
  • A gamer chair for the gamer girls
  • A mirror
  • A Huge Bean Bag
  • Custom Jewelry holder
  • Beanies
C.C Thick Cable Knit Faux Fuzzy Fur Pom Fleece Lined Skull Cap Cuff Beanie
  • Nice through pillows
  • music lessons
  • Sport lessons
  • Culinary school (if they like to bake/cook)
  • Horseback riding lessons
  • Slime
  • Blue Tooth Speaker
  • A Tablet (you can get them on sale for 50 dollars)
I have this one but in the color yellow.
  • Phone cases
  • Face masks
  • Metal Straws
  • Scrunchies
  • chap stick
  • Coffee
  • A small Christmas tree if they do not have one already.
  • Bracelets

That is the list! I hope you thought of some ideas!

My Favorite Christmas Songs

Hello! I hope your Christmas Season is going great! This is my first Christmas post of 2020, and I will be sharing my favorite Christmas songs and some Christmas pics I took. I know everyone is probably doing this, but I have to share my favorite Christmas songs. I have been listing to Christmas songs since November 10th.πŸ™„πŸ˜… A lot of people get mad about listening to it early, but it’s your decision if you want to listen to it or not.

Now here are my top favorite Christmas songs In no particular order.πŸ™‚

  • Sleigh Bells Ring
  • Have Your Self A Merry Little Christmas
  • The First Noel
  • Its the Most Wonderful Time Of the Year
  • Sleigh Ride
  • Last Christmas
I made this one. (:
  • Away In A Manger
  • Silent night
  • Dominic the donkey
I am named after him.
  • Do You Hear What I Hear?
  • Let it snow let it snow

Those are my top favorite Christmas songs! What is your favorite Christmas song?