Here we can swap our buttons. Mine is the first one.

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123 thoughts on “Buttons”

  1. Hello, Raegan! Could you put my button up again? I while back I accidently removed it from my page and I think it caused it to be removed form everyone’s blogs I’ve swapped with.🤦‍♀️

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  2. Hi Raegan! Sorry for the second update in a week. Happy Easter! I changed the design of my blog button, will you please update it? Sorry for the update again this week.


  3. Hey! I’m your new follower I’ve two blogs 1- Bright Light Shine and 2- Demesco Designs
    in bright light shine I describe my lifestyle and in demesco design, I design many things like dividers, blog buttons and everything related to wordpress and other than wordpress too like wallpapers and all!! May I design something for you? I have already worked on 3-4 projects. Please follow both my blogs and wanna swap with both my blog?

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    1. Hey Eesh! Thanks so much for the follow! Your blogs are very cool, and you are a great designer! Right now, I do not need anything designed, but If I do, I know who to go too. Thanks for the offer though! And yes I would like to swap buttons!


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