Interview With Faye From Countless Creatures!

Today I am going to do an interview with Faye! Please go check out her blog! she does a lot of posts about animals, horses, and crafts. There is 10 questions.

  1.  Raegan: Why did you want to blog?                                                                                         Faye: To post mostly about animals.
  2. Raegan: What has been your favorite thing about blogging?                                              Faye: Being able to share things different things about animals.
  3. Raegan: What is your favorite thing to do with your free time.                                              Faye: Play video games, blog, play with friends, and read and write.      
  4. Raegan: What is your favorite song?                                                                                        Faye: I have a lot of favorite songs. Too many to wright down. 
  5. Raegan: What country would you like to visit?                                                                      Faye: England, Holland, wales, and Williamsburg Virginia. 
  6. Raegan: Have you ever eaten any exotic foods?                                                                     Faye: No, I do not think so. 
  7. Raegan: What is your favorite animal? And why?                                                                 Faye: Horses, I once heard a quote: asking me why I like horses so much is like asking me why I breathe so much. 
  8. Raegan: How long do you think you will be blogging?                                                         Faye: Hopefully for the rest of my life, because I want to post about my horses when I have a barn. 
  9. Raegan: If you could have any pet what would you choose.                                                      Faye: A Horse.
  10. Raegan: What is your favorite desserts?                                                                                        Faye: Ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, and cookies.

That’s all for today! Please go check out Faye’s blog! ~ Raegan💛