Pumpkin Cinnamon Dog Treats

Today I am going to share a dog treat recipe! These treats are perfect for fall, super easy to make, and your dog will love them! If you make these I would recommend to use all natural ingredients because you do not want your dog getting sick.


  • 1/2 a can 100% Pure Pumpkin
  • 1/2 table spoon Cinnamon
  • 2 Table Spoons Peanut Butter
  • Dash of Salt
  • 2 Eggs
  • 2 cups of Whole Wheat Flour

Pre heat the oven to 350 degrees. Mix all of the ingredients together. It should be like a dough. Its okay if it is a little sticky, but If it is still very sticky add more flour. Put your dough in to molds. I use (picture below) these, but I am sure you could use something else. Now bake for 15 to 20 minutes. The longer you let them bake the harder they will get. If your dog likes its treats softer take them out earlier. Once they are done baking take them out, let them cool and feed one to your dog!

I would recommend storing these treats in the fridge because they will last longer.

This is the mold I used.

Thanks for reading my post! Do you like to make dog treats?


What To Do If A Dog Is About To Attack You

Just a couple of days ago, my dog and I were going on a walk. Then this German Shepard starts heading towards us, and I could tell it was not a friendly hello. The dog was showing its teeth at my dog and about to bite him. I yelled (I said hey really loud.), and, thankfully, the dog ran back to its house.

Afterwards, I was thinking, what if it were just me or someone else who has no experience with dogs. I think it is crucial to know what to do when a dog is about to attack you.

Just a reminder I am not an expert at these things, but I have gotten bit and chased by dogs several times. You could do more of your own research if you want to know extra or you do not believe me. lol

  1. The First Thing you are going to want to do is stay calm. The dog wants you to be nervous so try to stay calm.
  2. Do NOT RUN AWAY! You will be running away from this dog until the owner comes out, so do not do that. Also, That is what the dog wants to do is chase you away, if the dog is smaller you could try walking into it, and most likely they will walk back.
  3. Make Your Self Look Big. The bigger you are the more scarred the dog will be and try to stay away from that.
  4. Protect the important body parts. So for instance, you do not want a dog biting your face it could bite your eye which could make you blind. If the dog is about to bite you try to let them. In order to protect your face turn the other direction of the dog that way, the dog can not jump up and bit your face. If you are carrying something with you, you could use that as protection too.
  5. Get Help. If there are people around or the owner asks for help and hopefully, they posterior do something.

I wanted to add one more thing. If you have gotten attack by a dog, try not to be scared of every single dog you meet. I have gotten chased by lots of different dog breeds, and it does not mean that all German Shepards or all Pomeranians are bad. Just remember to ask the owner before petting/going by the dog.

I hope you found these tips helpful! If you want me to do a post on how to not let your dog be aggressive or what to do if your dog is in a fight with another dog, please tell me in the comments. Have a wonderful day! ~ Raegan💜

My Favorite Dog Breeds

Hello every onnnee who is reading this!🤗

Here are some of my favorite dog breeds! I do like a LOT so I am not going to include every single one, other wise you would be here forever. lol

  • Border Collie/Collie. If you have been following my blog for a while you know I LOVE Collies! I don’t know if I could chose between the two.
Black And White Dog
Black and White Border Collie Being Trained
  • Labradors. I love labs! They are so sweet and gentle! These dogs are great family dogs, because the are protective, sweet, and gentle.
  • Basset Hounds. These dogs are so cute! You just can’t say no to those big eyes and ears!
Brown and White Short Coated Dog on Green Grass Field
  • Newfoundland dog. These dogs are gentle giants! They may look scary, but most of the time they are super nice and friendly, especially with kids.
File:Newfoundland dog Smoky.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
  • American Pit Bull terrier. I love these dogs! I love there personality and there nose! Sadly these dogs get misunderstood, just because one dog attacks you does not mean all dogs are mean. I have gotten chased and bitten by dogs and I still love them.
American Pit Bull Terrier
  • Dachshund/ wiener dog. These dogs are supper cute and sweet! They are great if you want a little friend.
Black and Tan Long Coat Dog

There are many more breeds I like but these are just the main ones. Have a nice day! ~ Raegan