Ways To Prevent Your Dog From Running Away

Many people have dogs who run away. I have a dog that likes to run away as well, so I have experience chasing dogs and trying to prevent my dog to not run away. Sadly, over three million dogs run away each year. So that is why I am doing this post to try to prevent dogs from running away.

Work on Recall training

Probably one of the reasons why dogs run away is because they don’t come when called. A way you can help them come back is to work on recall training. You think “My dog is too old” if your dog can hear and see then no, it is not too old. The first step of recall training is to get a very special treat that you never give them (liver sausage works great). Next, go outside and have them on a long leash. Use one word to come to you (I like to use the word come). Now say that word once and they will most likely come to you right away because you have that yummy treat. If they don’t you may have to show them the treat. Keep repeating this and associate the word come with the yummy treat. Do not use the word come (or whatever word you used) all the time only use it when they are in danger, running away, or you don’t know where they are. All the other times you call them just use their name or some sound.

Give Your Dog a Fun Toy When You Leave

If your dog likes to escape when you leave your house try giving them a fun, new toy, or a treat puzzle. This will make them focused on that fun toy/treat puzzle and not want to get out and run to you or just run away.

Put Your Dog Away If You Can’t Watch Them

If you are having a party, doing work, or having friends over, put the dog away from where they can not escape. If you are having people over and doors are opening all the time put them away. This will decrease the chance of them running away. Once everyone is settled, then it is an okay time to let them out to meet the guest. If your dog likes to jump on people I would recommend putting them on a leash that way you can control them.

Make Sure They Get Plenty of Energy Out

I’ve noticed the majority of dogs that run away are dogs that have a ton of energy and a high prey drive. If you get out most of their energy they will not have a reason to get out and run. For them not to have as much energy try your best to make sure they get that energy out. There are a couple ways you can get their energy out. Try going on a long walk/run with them. It is both good for you and the dog to go on a walk. Another way is simply playing with them. Find one of their favorite toys to play with them. And eventually, they will get tired and lay down for a nap.

Invest in a Dog Tracker

If your dog tends to run away a ton or likes to wander around your neighborhood, it might be a good idea to invest in a dog tracker. This way if the dog runs away you will be able to find them right away and assure that they are safe. Here are some links to some dog trackers.

If you have an air tag you can put it in your dog’s collar and track them like that.

I hope you found this post helpful! If you have any questions about dogs running away, or recall training, go ahead and ask them in the comments! Have a good day!