Dunkin’ vs Starbucks

We all know (hopefully) what Dunkin and Starbucks are. In case not, they both sell coffee, and that is what I am going to compare today.

I have had both Dunkin’ and Starbucks (in case you were wondering), and in the end, I will share my personal favorite.

The Quality of the Coffee

When I think of good quality coffee, Starbucks is one of the brands that pop in my head. That does not mean that Dunkin’ is Honorable Starbucks just has a little better quality. I asked my dad why he prefers Starbucks instead of Dunkin’, and he told me that Dunkin’ had a wired after taste to it. For me, I have never tasted that before, all the coffee I have gotten from there was good.

The Prices of the Coffee

I looked up what is the cheapest drink at Starbucks and Dunkin’; Starbucks cost 2.94 for a tall, dark roast, and Dunkin’ was 1.59 for a small coffee. Obviously, Dunkin’ won for the cheapest. If you like good quality and overpriced coffee, then Starbucks might be for you. One time I got a medium Iced coffee from Dunkin’, and my brother got a grande frappe from Starbucks, and my MEDIUM was the same size as his grande. That is sad. LOL

The Charities do they support?

For a lot of people, what Charities/companies they support does not matter to them. But for a lot of other people, it does. Dunkin’ supports charities such as the American Red Cross and Special Olympics. Starbucks supports Abortion, Planned Parent Hood. Abortion is not right and should be ended, which is what Trump is trying to do. I am not going to blabber on and on, but no one should be supporting them. There is another once too, but this is the one that should everyone off.

In conclusion, I think (I like) Dunkin’ is better, but that does not mean you should never go to Starbucks. If you have a gift card, your friend got you a coffee, or that is the only place nearby, then that’s fine. Just do not donate to them, or try not to make it the main place you get your everyday coffee from.

I hope you found my post informational! If you were wondering, my order at Dunkin’ is an iced coffee with caramel and cream and no sugar. Also, I don’t get coffee every single day for me, it is a “treat.” Which one do you prefer? Have a great day! ~ Raegan