Illness In Rabbits | What to Do If They Show Illness

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In September ( I know it was a long time ago.) My rabbit, Foo Foo, got sick (she is better now (;) It was pretty bad, and it was the first time that she was really sick. Covid was still affecting a lot of people, and a lot of the vets that we called were not accepting new patients. She would not eat or drink, so we got a syringe to give her water (I’ll talk more about that in the post). Then finally, we found a place that could take her, and of course, when we got to the vet, she was acting fine.

Anyways, I am going to share some illnesses that rabbits can get and how you can help them if they are sick.

Different Illnesses

  1. GI (gut) Stasis. GI stasis is what we think my rabbit had. I was looking up her symptoms, and this is what seemed like she had. The first symptom was: she was not eating as much or drinking, she was laying in her litter box not moving very often (only to get a drink), her stomach was supper hard, (usually, she has a soft stomach) she was not pooping, and her stomach was making weird noises. SO pretty much her digestive system wasn’t working right, or you could say she was bloating. I tried to gently massage her stomach to get the gas out, but I could not tell a difference.
  2. Ear Infections. If your rabbit ear looks like it has a whole bunch of ear wax built up, then your rabbit could have an ear infection or ear mites. Some symptoms of an ear infection are: loss of appetite, their behavior is different, scratching their head, and cold symptoms.
  3. Head Tilt. Head tilt is just what it sounds like your rabbit’s head is tilted to the side, and if you don’t take them to the vet early, then it could be like that forever. The head tilt could be caused by an infection, head trauma (like getting hit on the head), parasites, and more.

What to do if Your Rabbit Starts Showing Signs of Illness

The best thing you could do is make an appointment with the vet. It’s best to take them to a vet rather then treating the rabbit yourself. Now I understand that vet appointments (especially for rabbits) can be very expensive. I would advise you to save about 100 dollars for your rabbit just in case they were to get sick. It does not cost 100 dollars for an appointment, but it does cost around 40 to 60 dollars. Then the vet may have to take x-rays or give you medicine, which could cost a lot of money. Trust me, saving your money, you will not regret doing that, even if it’s 20 or 50 dollars.

 If you can not get your rabbit into the vet right away, then the best thing to help is to syringe feed the rabbit. The most common symptom of an illness: is not eating or drinking, and you have to make sure that they are getting the nutrition that they need or they could possibly pass away sooner. Syringe feeding is pretty simple. Just put it near their mouth and push out a little. Do not push out too much, or they could end up choking. There are different foods you can put in the syringe. When I was feeding my rabbit through the syringe, I gave her apple sauce and water at first. Then I took her pellets and mashed them with water, and tried feeding the mushed pellets to her. Mashing up the food and adding water did not work very well. I found out that there is a special food that you can give to your rabbit, and it has all the nutrition it needs by just feeding a little to them. If you do not have a syringe, I would defiantly recommend getting it to have just in case. If you travel with your rabbit, this is a great way to give them water when you are in the car. 

Again the best thing to do is get your rabbit into the vet. Your vet will know what is wrong. There is also a lot more information online. I would also recommend watching some YouTube videos as well. They usually have a lot of information.

I hope this post helped if your rabbit is sick. I know what it is like when your pet is sick and its horrible. If you have any more tips please go ahead and comment. I would love to hear what you do when your rabbit is sick.

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