My Favorite Drinks

I know it has been a while since I have posted. I went to camp for a week, and then I was busy with summer activities. I just started school a week ago, and I and my family are taking my brother to college so trying to get ready for that.😅 So here is a list of my favorite drinks! I recommend you try these if you have not. (:

  • Carmel Iced Coffee With Cream From Dunkin’. I LOVE coffee, this is what I get all the time. If some one were to ask what I put in my coffee this is what I would say. I also Like this drink with coconut milk. I love the flavor coconut and it makes it super creamy.
  • Smoked Vanilla Cold Brew With Sweet Cold Foam From Dunkin. If you can’t tell all ready, I really like Dunkin. lol I explain why I like Dunkin in this post. Anyways… This drink taste like heaven! It is super creamy and the vanilla flavoring taste soo good.
  • Brown Sugar Milk tea with Tapioca Pearls (AKA Bubble Tea). This year, I tried bubble tea for the very first time, and now I am obsessed with it! It is so much fun to eat the Bubbles on the bottom, and the milk tea is delicious. If you have not tried Bubble tea before, you must put it on your bucket list (or some type of list lol).
  • Pina colada. On a hot summer day, this drink is so refreshing! I love a cold Pina Colada(no alcohol obviously). When I get this I usually get Tapioca pearls on the bottom.
  • Rootbeer. This is my favorite pop since I was like six. lol When ever I get a drink, when I go out to eat, I will most likely get root beer.
  • Chery Sprite. I love anything flavored cherry so that is probably why I like this pop.

What is your favorite drink? Have a nice day!