More Fall Photos!

Hey, hope your day is going great! Today I am sharing some more fall photos. Here are the fall photos I did recently if you want to check them out.


That’s all of the photos! hope you enjoyed looking at them!


What I Got For Christmas

I hope you all had a great Christmas! I know I did! I posted twelve Christmas posts, so if you want to check them out here are all of the links.

I recently did a poll asking if you guys wanted to see what I got for Christmas, and it was all yeses.

I am not intentionally bragging. I have never done one of these types of posts before for that reason. I know a lot of people like these kinds of posts so that is why I am making this ( I also like these posts as well. If you did one comment the link ๐Ÿ˜‰)

So here is what I got for Christmas.

I got a Bubble Tea Kit. If you did not know, I LOVE bubble tea! This is from my grandparents.
Instant boba. All you have to do is microwave them and they are cooked. I already tried one and it is so good! This is from my parents.
Mini Waffle Bowl Maker. This is from my parents.
Love this cup! Kinda true though. This is from my parents.
Headphones. They work very well! My younger brother gave it to me.
A purse I picked out while I was with my grandma. I have been wanting a purse just like this so when I saw It, knew it was the one. lol
Some Books. The first book is from my grandparents, and the rest is from my older brother.
A nail lamp from my mom, bath bombs from my grandparents, and a violin hanger from my older brother. *I am not going to hang the one I play on. I have a cheap pink one I am going to decorate.*
Some of my stocking stuffers. I also got candy. ๐Ÿ˜‹

My younger brother also paid for me and my older brother to watch Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021) - IMDb

I also got some sweat pants and some shirts from my grandparents.

That is all for this post! Hope you enjoyed reading it! What was your favorite thing you got for Christmas? Have a great day!

Fall Photos | 2021

Hey! Hope you are having a great day! I just went a short nature walk and took a bunch of photos, and wanted to share it with you all! Surprisingly, there is still a lot of green on some of the trees, but I am sure the leaves will fall off soon.

We found a toad!
He’s jumping and some how I got it in a photo. lol

I hope you enjoyed looking at these photos! I might post some more photos soon (keep your eye out for that๐Ÿ˜‰). It will probably be more pictures of leaves.

Christmas Photo Facebook Cover (2).png

Photos Of My Rabbit

Hello! I hope every one is staying safe! Today I am going to share photos of my rabbit. Here name is Foo foo, after the song little bunny Foo foo. Also when you look at the photos you will see lots of loose hair, that is because it is shedding season.

If you are wonder where she is, she is on the couch.

I really wished that wall was not in the pic, but she was just too cute not to show.

Wandering around by my lighting.

trying to run away. lol

I hope you liked this post! Hopefully I will be able to do more photos of her. ~ Raegan