Happy Easter! Easter Bunny Photo Shoot

Happy Easter everyone! Hope your day is going great! Today my family and I went to church. Then we went home and ate at a local diner for dinner.

Here are some pics fo my rabbit!

These photos were taken with the S22. The camera is AMAZING!

Don’t forget the real reason for Easter! That is Jesus died on the cross and rose again on the third day. And because he did that we can go to heaven if we believe in him. Have a great Easter!

What I got my pets for Christmas + Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Pet

I know a lot of people like to give gifts to their pets on Christmas Day. My family does stockings for them and not wrapped gifts. Maybe you don’t have a pet but you know someone else who does. You could get them something for their animal as a gift to them (If they like the animal obviously). Here is what I got my animals plus some ideas to get your animals.

Here is what I got my pets.

This I supposed to be a better chew for dogs. That is why I got it.
I also got my dog this! It’s soo cute and only two bucks.
I got these for my rabbit. I got these specific treats because I am going on a trip soon, and I figured the people watching my rabbit could give her one a day that way she hopefully will not have any stomach issues. They were ten bucks but I got them for 8 because I had twenty percent off.
DreamBone Holiday Rawhide-Free Collection, Treat Your Dog to a Chew Made with Real Meat and Vegetables
Here is the link.
Bocce’s Bakery All-Natural, Seasonal, Holiday Dog Treats, Wheat-Free, Limited-Ingredient, Soft & Chewy Cookies Inspired by...
Here is the link.
  • Costumes. If your animal is okay with wearing costumes this would be a great gift. It is also super cute for a photoshoot with the animal.
Dog in Elf Costume
A dog wearing Christmas ribbons
  • A blanket for them to snuggle with.
Orange Tabby Cat on Gray Blanket
  • Christmas toys. 
Her is the link.]
Frisco Holiday Hot Cocoa Hide and Seek Puzzle Plush Squeaky Dog Toy, slide 1 of 1
Here is the link.
  • Nylon Bone. This is supposed to be a healthier chew for dogs.
Nylabone Healthy Edibles Bacon, Roast Beef, & Turkey Puppy Starter Kit Dog Treats, 3 pack
  • A Kong. These are good for dogs who like to chew a lot. Or if you have a super hyper dog, you could put some peanut butter inside of the Kong, and they have to try to get it out. Which it will take a little while for them to get it out.
 Classic Dog Toy, Large
EveryYay Essentials Snooze Fest Grey Round Dog Bed, 20 L" X 20" W, Small
  • Indoor Cat Interactive Swimming Fish Toy. I saw this on amazon, and this would be a great gift for a cat. This is a great toy to keep your cat busy. Here is the link.
  • Hidey hutch for your Small Pet. Most small pets like to be under something because they feel more protected. There are a lot of cute Hidey hutches you could get your small pet. You can even make one yourself out of cardboard. Make sure not to get a cloth one, because if they were to chew it, it could cause intestinal blockage.
Ware Edible Twig Tunnel Small Animal Hideout, Small

That is all! Hope it gave you some ideas! Have a great day!

Christmas Themed Photos of My Rabbit

Hello! Todays Christmas post is pics of my rabbit! Specifically Christmas themed pics. In some of the pics she is in a Christmas tree costume.🎄

DISCLAIMER: She is not in the dress all day long it is just for pictures. She also does not mind being in it.
Here is what it looks like from the top.
I know, the ears are not showing. lol
Here she is by the manger!
Her saying BYE BYE! lol
And lastly, a close up pic!🙂 (the phone was not right up to here, I zoomed in. (: )

I hope you enjoyed looking at the photos!

Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Rabbit

Rabbits are great pets to have! They are cute and fun to play with, but there are somethings that are very impotent for you to know before you get a rabbit. Here are some of the things.

  1. Rabbits can be messy. This is a big one that a lot of people ignore. Even if your rabbit is potty train they are still going to have a couple accidents here and there.
  2. They Need a lot of supplies. A lot of people think that all rabbits need is some pellets and water, well… that is false. They need lots of hay and vegetables. Rabbits need to have endless amount of hay because they need it to digest there food, and if they don’t get it they could have lots of different problems.
  3. They cost a lot of money to take care of. Now I would not say a ton but a nice amount. It is because you are buying Hay (lots of it), Pellets, Vegetables, Litter, and toys.
  4. Not all rabbits like to play/snuggle. A lot of people get a rabbit to play with and to snuggle with. Well not all rabbits like to do that some of them do but some of them may prefer to just play then snuggle. This does not mean no rabbits like to snuggle, I have a rabbit and she love to snuggle!

Here are some pics of Foo Foo (my rabbit) I took.

By the way if anyone is wondering if the dress is hurting her, it is not. She does not wear it all day, it is just for a picture and she does not even mind wearing it. If you are wondering were to get little outfits you can go to pet smart and they have a whole bunch.

Hope you enjoyed this post and the pics! ~ Raegan

Photos Of My Rabbit

Hello! I hope every one is staying safe! Today I am going to share photos of my rabbit. Here name is Foo foo, after the song little bunny Foo foo. Also when you look at the photos you will see lots of loose hair, that is because it is shedding season.

If you are wonder where she is, she is on the couch.

I really wished that wall was not in the pic, but she was just too cute not to show.

Wandering around by my lighting.

trying to run away. lol

I hope you liked this post! Hopefully I will be able to do more photos of her. ~ Raegan