Video Game Recommendations | Collab With Faye From Meet Me In The Meadow


Hello! Today I did a collab with Faye from Meet Me In The Meadow. Here is the link to her blog.

Faye’s Game Recommendations

  • World of Warcraft- This game is an online mmp (massive multiplayer) game. You do have to pay for it, and there is two versions, the retail version and the classic version. I play the classic version with my dad. You have to level up your character, which can be any of these (pictures below): There are a few different goals in the game, you can join a guild and level up to raid with your guild, and work on getting on the world guild leaderboard. You can also just go it alone and level up to be strong and have fun.
  • Minecraft– You build with blocks. What’s your favorite thing to do on Minecraft? Do you play in creative or survival?
  • Roblox– Roblox has thousands of games on it. And it’s free to make an account and start playing! I like to play a bunch of different games, but I have my own game and group that keeps me pretty busy.

Raegan’s Game Recommendations

  • Asphalt 9– If you like racing games you will probably love this game. Pretty much you just race, in you choice of car, against other people (your friends, computer, or other real players).
  •– This is my favorite online game. You collect resources (stone, wood, apples, and gold) then you choose your weapons and fight other player and join teams to fight against other teams. Now the only thing about this game is that there are hackers (don’t hack not cool), which makes the server crash (sometimes not all the time), and some of them are hard to kill, but its still a fun game and would totally recommend playing this game.
  •– This game is a ton of fun. The goal to get most of the map (look at the photo), and destroy everyone else. I prefer team game mode, because it is easier to win. SO defiantly give this game a try.
Screenshot 2021-06-21 2.10.40 PM.png
  •– In this game you are a hole and you have to try to swallow everything and the things that you swallow are points. The more things you swallow the bigger you get. The goal is to try to get the most points. Defiantly recommend trying this game its a lot of fun.

Hope you enjoyed this post! You should try to some of these games, and if you do tell me what you think! Have a nice day!

~ Faye and Raegan

My Favorite Video Games

I do like to play video games, some people say they waste your time (and other things), but at this time HOW could you say that when you literally have nowhere to go, no appointments for anything. So here are some of my favorite video games, I will put the link to some of them.

    1. Mine Craft. I really like this video game because you can do whatever you want, if you want to build a house do it, if you want to go survival mode (which is my favorite) then you can do it. This game has so many things to do you will not get bored.
    2. Paper IO. I have been obsessed with this game lately. This game is super easy to play, and lots of fun. You can also play with friends, if you see someone with the name Raegan<3 that’s me. (;
    3. Moomoo.IO. This is another IO game, if you like these two games I mentioned then you will probably like their other games. This game is a lot of fun, you collect supplies and then build a fort you can also make your own team.
    4. Supper Smash Bros. This game is a lot of fun, but I am really bad at it. So I play just for fun and not because I am good at it. XD
    5. Quick Draw. This game is supper fun! In the game, it will have something for you to draw. For instance like an owl, you will try to draw it in under 20 seconds, and the computer will try to guess it. It’s kind of like pictionary.
    6. Village and Farm. I love this game, it is so much fun and so easy! In the game you have your own little farm, and you try to get your farm bigger and bigger. I am only on level 23, and sometimes it can get a little frustratingThose are my favorite video games.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         I hope you enjoyed this post! What’s your favorite video game? ~ Raegan