Why You Should Not Clip Your Bird’s Wings

I think every one know that birds fly, and that they need their wings to fly. When you get a pet bird usually they come clipped. Breeders do this to keep them safe. All it does is mess up there wings, and discourage them to fly. Birds are made to fly its like taking away your legs. I under stand that people do that way they wont fly away. The problem is, it usually does not work. All they need is a gush of wind and they can fly away.

If you are getting a bigger baby bird (like a macaw or an African grey), make sure the breeder does not clip there wings. when you clip a baby’s bird wings, they will not be able to learn how to fly right away. Its like when you were a baby you were leaning how to walk. Yes, you would fall but then you would get right back up. Same with birds. When there babies that is when they learn how to fly, and if you clip there wings they wont be able to fly. Sometimes the bird even hurts its self by trying to fly, because it thinks it just hast to try harder when really its because there wings are clipped.

If you do happen to get a clipped bird (like a budgie) usually there feathers will grow back. If the clipping is very bad sometimes they will not. Smaller birds tend to recover and try again, but bigger birds tend to not try again. Yes, sometimes they do recover but a lot of the times, they do not.

Maybe your like well, what do I do if I can’t clip the birds wings, and I don’t want the bird to fly away. Well, You can train your bird! Even budgies! The training you would do for them not to fly away, would be recall training. Recall training is when you call your bird and they come right away. Its pretty simple to teach them it just takes time and effort.

Here is a video if you would like to teach your bird to recall.

How to Teach Your Bird to Fly to You! | Parrot Flight Recall Training – YouTube

Here is a another video that talks more about why you should not clip your bird’s wings. She has a great bird YouTube channel. One of her birds (a budgie) flew out of the house but she had worked on recall training with the bird so he came back when she called him down from a tree. The rest of her birds she free flights. If you want to learn more about birds defiantly check out her channel.

Buyer Beware!!! (Choose a Breeder Carefully!) – YouTube

I hope you found this post informational! Have a nice day!